The Card

12 years. For the past 12 years I have killed myself off with Christmas cards. Sometimes I nurse an idea for months before finally putting it down in writing, trying desperately to send out something that won’t bore, brag or beleaguer my audience.

I don’t really know what beleaguer means but it started with a B.

And not only have I spent hours of my time and tablespoons of saliva getting said masterpieces in the mail (the past two years I’ve used a wax seal with a “T” crest to seal them because I am bananas), but I sent them out to about sixty people.

Would you like to know how many address requests I’ve had this year? Two. And one of them was my sister-in-law (love you, Heather).

“We’re not sending out a Christmas card this year,” I said to Jason last night in a last ditch attempt to keep him awake and visiting with me.

“What?” Apparently that was interesting. “Why?”

“Because nobody cares if we do a Christmas card. They probably don’t even read them.” I seriously hope this was a lie.

“Honey, we can’t just not do a card,” he says cause he’s big on doing things all proper like.

“Uh, yeah we can. This is me not sending cards,” then I smiled to show him that I can smile even when my heart is breaking.

“Fine,” he says, “I’ll write it.”

So here it is. If I can get enough interest generated for a card this year, Jason will do the writing. I am dying to see what he comes up with. If you send me one I’ll send one back to you. Don’t you wonder what he’s thinking all the time?

Annie Valentine Family

PSC 2 Box 10396

APO, AE 09012

Those are the three address lines and all it takes is a little old American stamp and it’s off to Germany, no extra postage necessary. Obviously I’m not at all desperate to get cards in the mail. 



  1. Dude, I am totally doing a Face in the Hole Christmas card. I should have done that every year. I will send you one!!

    I had my cookie exchange today, and invited the girlie’s this time. Wish you were here. 🙁

  2. I dont do Christmas cards. I send out Valentine’s Day cards. Since my last night is also Valentine, I figure everyone is celebrating my day, they should get a card from me! 🙂 I’ll send you a Valentines day card in 2012 ok?!

  3. I finally have your address! Love you sis!

  4. That’s it. I’m sending you a card. Cuz I totally want one from you. I started writing people’s Christmas letters this year. For pay. I know, I’m a …. free thinker, yeah, that’s it. I’m a free thinker.

  5. Oh it is ON! I will be sending you one from the good ol’ U.S. of A! Can’t wait to get one from you!

  6. Seriously???? You HAVE to! I love your cards.They are the best! Plus I only get like 4 cards every year so I need it!! I’m waiting for our house to be done on the outside so we can take a picture in front of it for our Christmas card. Hopefully that’ll happen before Christmas.

  7. At least you usually send them. I spend hours and hours making the little buggars and never send them out…

  8. Send me a card, lady, or I’m coming for your pink microfiber slippers.

  9. I am not sending cards—cuz cards from a single girl would be boring. Who wants to hear me talk about what I did all year if they’re not my parents?
    But getting cards is fun. So, even if you don’t think people want/read them-do it anyway. The Christmas cards on my parents’ bulletin board are one of my favorite parts of the season.

  10. DeNae finished my Christmas letter & now I’m just waiting for my cards from good ole snapfish. (procrastination is actually spelled Susan!) As soon as I get them I’ll be sending one your way. Btw, I think our designation was PSC 2 once upon a time too! Or 50. I get those numbers mixed up (jk)

  11. Thanks for the address update, I’ll get one in the mail to you…as soon as I finish it (gotta do that this week!)

  12. Yes please! I write one every year, but it doesn’t always make it out . . . or on time 😉 I love getting them, reading them, keeping them like a hoarder because I totally understand the monumental effort of snapping a family picture, writing up the year, gathering and stuffing said letters and GASP! actually mailing them! Send me one and I’ll get one to you too!

  13. That would be . . . CMR 480 Box 2391, APO AE 09128 🙂

  14. Miss Annie, I will be utterly saddened to not receive a Christmas card from you and yours! Now that I’ve got your new address, I will send you our yearly letter when I next send them out – which is just sent out at some random time of the year (years ago was a Christmas letter – before I knew you – and then used to be Valentine’s Day once I started having kids, but now I can’t keep on top of life with 5 kids so it goes out whenever I happen to get clothes for family pictures and then wait several months before finally writing letter or coercing my husband to write it, etc etc!!!). Hopefully you got our other letters in the past! And plus, then I can brag about you to my friends that read your blog as I tell them that I truly do know the famous Annie Valentine, the blogger! 🙂

  15. yours is on its way, btw! hope you get heaps & heaps of Christmas cards this year. ::hugs::