Back from Sardinia with photos to boot


We’ve been stuck on an island in the Mediterranean for the past week. While there were moments of wonderment and bliss, it was also filled with non drinkable water, a five passenger car with no seat belts (there are six of us including baby), no McDonald’s and too much salami.

Bet you never thought you’d ever hear me admit there is such a thing as too much salami (old joke).

I have to say that packing for this kind of trip is harder than you’d believe. For instance, we took five beach towels since the resorts we usually stay at have limited/itsy bitsy towels. Ryan Air is cheap but you pay through the nose for baggage which means I only had three medium duffels for our family of six. Do you know how much space those towels took up? I also packed a bunch of buckets and shovels thinking I was super smart like.

I am not smart. They had about 20 massive towels in our room and I could have bought buckets for 2 euros each. We only used that stuff once (I kept forgetting to take it to the beach with us because I’m such an awesome mother).

It’s a funny thing about living over here and getting a handle on the local lingo. You learn to say please, thank you, can I please have, etc. in German and then you go to Italy and talk to everyone in Duetch. They all thought we were German anyway so we just went with it. We got the impression that they don’t see many Americans on Sardinia which is a shame since it’s probably the world’s best hidden treasure.

Parts of the island look a lot like what you see in The Princess Bride movie with the huge rocks and cliffs, plus tropical beaches and Hawaii-esq foliage as you go inland. We were reading Peter and the Starcatchers the entire time and the lagoons and jungle were a lot like Never Never Land.

Honestly, I have found that my family’s favorite vacations always revolve around mountain goat behavior. My kids like to climb rocks. Rocks, beaches, rocks and beaches, more trails of rocks and beaches and a few museums and voila! Perfect family vacation.

Also I should probably invest in some real shoes. Designer flip flops will only take you so far.

Hitting the local street markets, I got a killer deal on fabric at one of the little vendors.

Reading to the kids in our not so glamorous condo. It had two little bedrooms and a kitchen as well.

Just another lagoon...

Favorite day. It was warm and beautiful and there was so much to see in Santa Teresa.

Guess who forgot the buckets and beach towels?

The Cliffs of Insanity

We learned how to use the timer on our new camera. Not bad...

We found a great museum in the little village of Luras; we had to call and wait for the owner to meet us.

Meet Mario. The building and antiquities have been in his family for generations. We loved this stop.

This was crazy windy, we were under the mouth of Homer's famous Bear Rock.

Awesome boat tour of the little islands around Sardinia.

Awesome boat tour of the little islands around Sardinia.

I loved that little coral building.

My favorite photo from the trip.

All in all this vacation was just as great as we hoped it would be. That said, next time we go back (pretty sure we will) it will be in the hot season. Amazing beaches.


  1. Wow, looks like the worst vacation ever!!! Miss you!

  2. It looks like you had a wonderful vacation. Those beaches do look amazing. You sure are getting to see some amazing places while living in that part of the world.

  3. My great granparents are from Sardinia! It looks beautiful!