15 years down, Forever to go.

This week Jason and I celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary (15 + Eternity = Awesomeness). I miss hugging my handsome friend so much. Best hugger ever.

I had to send Jason a box last week with things he needed from home. I dropped it at the post office and sent him a text. Our conversation looked like this, I’m in blue.



Little things like this still give me that electric shock to the sternum. Sometimes fifteen years feels like five seconds.

I went to the store last week to buy an anniversary card and got stuck in the section for romantic rejects. You know the one, all the cards say the things you can’t think to write even if you write professionally. I pulled a card labeled Missing You, beautiful. Then I pulled one for Anniversary and ah! it was amazing. The tears pooled in my eyes and ran down my cheeks as I read through card after card until I had about six all expressing my rainbow of passion, how could I choose?

Because I know Jason, I quickly realized he would be really irritated if I blew $25 for six pieces of paper. So I dried my face and put them all back, deciding to take a break and look for something lighter before settling on just one.

I turned around and found this blank card.

photo 3


Can we say self portrait?

It was a pretty easy choice after that. I wrote him my own love letter that was unfortunately pocked with scribbles and spelling errors. But the fact remains that this is, quite simply, Me without Him.

Fifteen years is nothing, I want forever.