Annie Valentine has been writing for newspapers and the web as both a freelance journalist, columnist and a casual blogger on the side for the past six years. She graduated in journalism in 2001 and has been staying home full-time, creating future citizens, since 2003.

Annie and her husband are avid travelers. They recently returned to the United States from a three-year stint in Europe where they dragged their poor children through and around 27 different countries with nothing but Capri Suns and fruit snacks to sustain them. It was mostly awesome and periodically miserable.

Annie was raised on a farm in Washington State. Her husband promised a lifetime of thrilling adventure. Unfortunately she has learned that words like “thrill” and “adventure” routinely make things more complicated.

She currently lives in Las Vegas, Nevada. Sometime in the very near future Annie and her husband hope to move back to their small town in Washington State to build a big red house on 10 acres of slightly soggy paradise. They look forward to putting down roots and never, ever moving again.