Our secret water storage system

I’ve been trying to figure out where in the world we’re going to put our plastic water containers. It gets so hot here in the summertime that they can’t stay in the garage or back yard, but my house has almost no available interior storage space so they can’t come inside. This is causing me a serious brain cramp, mental dehydration.

I was lamenting to my girlfriend this week about how freaked out I am about the Chinese invasion and its effect on the water situation here in the desert and how we’ll have to fill a few gallons before we hit the road (obviously I don’t have enough to worry about if I have this much time to focus on the maybe-evitable). Seriously though, there’s only like one road in and one road out of Vegas, we’re going to hit so much panic traffic we’ll all die of thirst before we even leave the desert.

“Um,” she said, “Don’t you have a pool in your backyard?”


Maybe we’ll just stay here until the traffic clears out. Set up shop on the corner and sell filtered pool water to passersby. Take a swim, make some pina coladas, panic with style.

I have a pool. I’m such an idiot.