home and plugged back in

I’m writing in the dark. I just opened the box to Mac my new best friend and possibly Jason’s biggest rival so I won’t be so lonely and wouldn’t you know I can’t see a single word I’m typing unless I highlight it after the fact. It’s kind of thrilling, who knows what I might say?

Well, we got a house with our pool. Seriously I don’t know what I was so worried about living here. We’re going on day four and my little fish have spent most of their waking hours learning how to drown each other. Who knew water wings were so resilient? Pool rules here are simple: no dunking, eating, or drowning. So far so good.

I looked into swimming lessons down the road at some serious looking swim school and was pleased to see that they do indeed take their swimming seriously. It would cost me over $500 per kid for a 3 week swim session. Seriously. I quickly decided that while their safety is important to me perhaps I should play Frau Von Schwimminbad and teach the kids myself. My niece Allison is here soaking up sun and being entirely delightful and between the two of us we’ve managed to teach everyone the basics–as long as they have goggles on.

Rex is a fish in the water and doesn’t know it. He swims back and forth under water for long lengths and holds his breath forever but the second he finds out he can’t touch the bottom he literally sinks and begins to drown as fast as he possibly can.

Georgia is loving the pool but seems to think this life jacket business isn’t stylish and it bothers her. She wants to see her cute swimsuit so she can lounge around on the steps and be glamorous–red lipstick and all. Allison is keeping her well stocked. It’s like living with Ester Williams minus the propensity to actually swim.

Harry learned to dive on day one and June is the absolute best (oh don’t look so shocked). She never wants to get out and is quite¬†content to practice what she’s learned. Of course the moment her feet hit dry land she begins to cry about life in general–daddy leaving, daddy staying, no friends, it’s hot, green hair, etc. That girl is so ready for school.

But the best part is that I feel content. I feel like we are where we’re supposed to be and I think when our stuff arrives at the end of the month and I get Jesus back up on the wall and the kids in school I’m going to be quite happy here.

Now if only the car would come.