Stuff that’s Published

Here is a list with links to  a few of my published works from the past decade.


Guest Blog Postings…

Scary Mommy, How to Raise Your Kid on 6 Hours of TV a Day

FamilyFocusBlog, 5 Instant Time-outs for Mom

Mamalode, Words that Hurt: When Your Kid Gets Bullied


Newspaper “Regarding Annie” columns…

Her Soldier Comes Home, 2013

The Men and Women who Fight for America, 2013

Don’t Give Up, August 2012

Summer School Dreams, August 2012

Hey, Batter Batter, June 2012

Credit Cards are Stupid, April 2012

Getting Along in Marriage, January 2011

Wardrobe Malfunctions, January 2011

Torched Turkeys, November 2010


Sample Newspaper Freelance Articles, online edition:

Bishop St. Nicholas Buried in Bari, Italy, Kaiserslautern American

Have You Been Naughty or Nice? Kaiserslautern American

The Perfect Gift, Kaiserslautern American

Getting Through the Lonely Holidays, Kaiserslautern American


Sample Newspaper Travel Articles:

Travel Tips with Younger Kids, Kaiserslautern American

Hassle Free Day Trips, Kaiserslautern American

Buying a House in Germany? Kaiserslautern American

A Trip to the German Flea Market, The Standard Examiner


Church Magazine Articles, Print tear sheets available: 

The Heavy Backpack, The Friend Children’s Magazine

Mr. Lukin’s Turkeys, The Friend Children’s Magazine

Too Busy to Care, The New Era Magazine

In Shepherd’s Field, The Ensign Magazine


Sample of Other Online Articles…

Mom Tip Monday, Steal Network

September Pre-solutions pg. 25, The Casual Blogger Magazine