Blog crazy

I think my blog is losing its mind, if you just got that old post about zombies I am super sorry, I have no idea where it came from.

Also, I know at least one person missed the joke on my last blog post and I hate to think that anyone else did so I’m going to take all the funny out of it and I’ve pulled it down.

All joking aside, I have┬áthe best job on the planet working with amazing people. I clean office buildings three nights a week and listen to conference talks and books on tape while I empty trashes and wipe down bathrooms, and I’m actually getting paid for it. Very proud of myself, I look forward to going to work.

The reason I’m working? I’m saving money so I can have my Mommy Makeover. Go ahead, think all the terrible things you need to think. This is something I keep wanting to write about but I’m secretly terrified to tell everyone that yes, I’m as vain as you thought I was and yes, I’m having plastic surgery.

There, I said it.

It makes me really sad to think anyone who knows me would ever think I was anything but kidding about┬áthe cleaning job, I’ve never been someone who would look down my nose at a job or a person for doing it, I hope that alone is clear.

I’m sure I’ll write more about my plastic surgery–the terror, the pain, the drain tubes–as it approaches. For now, I’m having it, the end.