I’ve Got To Get Out Of This Place

In an attempt to escape the evening mayhem that takes place at my house, I’ve turned to desperate measures. That’s right, I signed up for a free parenting class.

I could lie and tell you I did this because I want to be a better person/mommy, or because I think it might help me win PTA President 2012, but those would be non-truths (and we all know liars go to the Devil). The truth is simple: I must get out of this place. I am suffocating here.

As I write this, a little voice is piercing my brain with “Mommy, we’ve got to read books now…” and what I want to say is, “Go ask your father.” But since we are still seventy-some odd days from that option, I continue to zone. Out. Crap that voice is persistent. And cute. Okay, I still love the little buggers.

But I have to admit, the first class actually did more for me than I thought it would. I settled down with my caffeine-free diet Dr. Pepper and prepared to think about things like bleach and green grass, but instead found myself roped in with the very first, “Have you ever found yourself reacting with anger, manipulation, yelling, guilt, spanking, or other ill behaviors?” Since I had used all of those techniques that very afternoon, I was curious to know if other options might actually exist.

Turns out I got more from this escape/escapade than an hour of adult only conversation. It has been five days since our first class and I have successfully cut my anger down by at least 75%. No no, don’t clap, really, stop.

Okay go ahead.


  1. Oh my gosh! You have to tell us the magical formula for cutting down anger by 75%!! That’s awesome!! I already know that I could cut mine probably in half by actually studying scriptures instead of just reading them before I turn out my light, but I could definitely go for a few more percent!! Congrats to you!

    And best wishes for getting through your husbandless time. I know I go crazy without Daddy around for too long!

  2. Does that mean you’ve stopped biting your children? Good, now I’m applauding.

  3. You rock! That’s all I have to say…okay, maybe a little more. Really you need applause…batchin’ it with three little kids…you rock. I would need a break too, though I would spend it shopping…so you are awesome to take a parenting class…teach me!!

  4. Annie, Once again you continue to amaze me. I think this is great for you to talk about. Adult time is important when Daddies are gone. Enjoy it he will return before you know it.

  5. Funny…..


    i know the feeling……

  6. As the world’s biggest advocate of “mommy alone time”, I just have one thing I need clarified here.

    Tell me you have never actually yelled at your children. This would really be just too, too shocking for me to absorb – and you so level headed and placid. Monotone, I like to call you. And NEVER given to extremes.

    The spanking thing was such a COMPLETE joke that I simply blew that one off. But the yelling? Just say it isn’t so.

  7. annie valentine says:

    Lisa, if you read them every night that definitely counts. I count the comic book version I study with my kids as my “personal” scripture time. Sad, isn’t it?

  8. I`ve had anger issues since having our second child and boy does it feel good to fight it and win. Good for you!

  9. It only took 5 days of classes? Wow. I think I would have to take a lifelong course to cut down my angry yelling by any percent of mentionable degree…..which is sad…..great now I feel bad. Way to go – it’s all your fault, because you are a good parent. SHEEESH.

  10. Clap clap clap CLAP

    Please share your secrets, oh wise one.

    Weird, I totally hear your voice in my head whenever I read your blog now.

  11. Nice. . .I’ve always wondered if those classes could do anything for anyone and now I know. . . Maybe I ought to sign up for some!

  12. Hi. I’m new here. I just wandered over from Mormon Mommy Blogs, and wanted to say that your hair looks great. In fact, it looks about like mine–thin and blonde. I think the parenting class sounds like a great idea. We all need some help in that area, don’t we? Good luck to you.