Big Stuff

Okay, I think I sounded like a room mother jerk in that last post. Bad Annie. Harry’s teacher rocks in every single way. She’s laid back and fun and totally easy going, and doesn’t care a stick what I do for the party. I think sometimes I make something out of nothing just for an excuse to blog. I know no one else has EVER done that. 

Guess what. I know, you’re all dying to hear my big news. Because it’s big. Real big. I got a job today! That’s right, the guy at the T-shirt place is so impressed (my word, not his) with my entrepenurial enthusiasm that he wants me to work for him. And my job? Salesperson of the century, of course. But not just any salesperson, his High School rep. He’s got some good ideas and needs a front man. Since his ideas mean fun part-time work for me, I said wooo whoo! Actually I just nodded in an professional manner and gave him two thumbs up. The thumbs were probably a bit dorky…

Anywho, so in honor of my newfound money-maker (because I stand to make a nice wad of cash here), I am slashing, cutting, cropping, making much smaller, the prices of my T-shirts! That’s right, $15 bucks a shirt plus shipping/handling and we’re in business! So if you were worried about the previous price, WORRY NO MORE! I’ll still make a buck or two off the shirts, but more importantly I have a fantastic new job that will take me back to High School. So cool.


  1. Congrats on the new job! Man, I should have put my anti-Twilight thoughts and feelings to work a long time ago.

  2. Yahoo! Now I can stop feeling guilty for not buying one of those shirts. But I did email the link to some of my Twihard friends.

  3. Holy Cow, girl! How many jobs do you have now? That’s like #6 if you count the room mother and the house mother.


    Too bad you’ll be too busy to go see your secret agent hubby now! 😉

  4. Oh hey, will he let you have time off to go to Georgia?! =P


  5. There is NOT enough money to make me want to go back to High School…good luck with that 🙂

  6. Please tell me you don’t sell Sensaria anymore! How do you have time for all of this? Wait, where am I going to go for all my Sensaria needs?

    Congratulations! Sounds fun!

  7. Annie, you rock my world.
    who better than you to tell a bunch of high school girls what to wear?! Can I be you when I grow up?

    Give me 5 minutes, the button thing should be fixed.

  8. Congrats! Sounds exciting!

  9. YAY! Congrats!

  10. P.S. I saw my designs button hanging off your sidebar. Thanks for the shout-out. I’m sorry I have bad code/button Karma when it comes to getting it the code right for you.

  11. I just posted about your shirts on my blog I have been wanting to start my own tshirt business for awhile now- I admire you! Are you using cafepress? I’m sure you will sell tons!

  12. I’m pretty sure your thumbs up just reassured him that you were his lady.

  13. Congratulations on the new job! Sounds fun. I’ve told my teenage daughter about your t-shirts. She’s a Twilight fan. She could be a customer. Do I get a commission? 🙂

  14. Yay! I’m so glad you’ve slashed your prices, now I’ll buy 2 shirts instead of 1 and you can make the same amount!

  15. I love your shirts. I didn’t like Twilight, but I think you are incredibly clever and awesome!