FREE Twilight T-shirt

And you thought I didn’t have one for you. So here it is and I’m giving it away. For FREE. Just because you visited. Oh yeah, and posted my button on your sidebar.

That’s right, if you want to be eligible, simply enter a comment in the box and post my stupid t-shirt button on your blog from now through November 21st and YOU could go home with THIS T-shirt!

This contest will be open until midnight, Saturday Nov. 1st. The lucky (random) winner will be announced first thing Monday morning. And the shirt will ship ASAP. 



Here's the one!



And for the record, the young women in my ward saw me wearing this shirt last night and went gaga for it. So go comment already and get yourself, your daughter, or your favorite Twilight fan this cute T-shirt. 

Or go here to buy one. We have lots…


  1. Okay, I’ll bite. (pun intended) I kind of want one. I really have wanted one since Heather was going on about them.

  2. Hey, I need one!

  3. So I was just coming here to get your button EVEN BEFORE I saw this post. Really. I know, it sounds like a bunch of brown nosing hogwash – but it’s true. And hey, I’d never turn down a free t-shirt.

  4. This is my favorite shirt out of them all! That must mean I’m going to win.
    I’ll put up your button even though I put it in one of my posts… I better win!

  5. I am going to play, and use all my good karma to win this– I need all the help I can get in the cool department!

    {{envisioning me winning this baby}}

  6. This was the one I wanted anyway…I got the button on my site-yeah me!

  7. I don’t know what you have heard but I can’t be bought with a mere t-shirt 🙂
    Besides no one reads my silly blog anyway…

  8. Just checking, is the shirt you’re giving away for free the same shirt you wore that the YW went ga ga for?

  9. If you give them away how will you ever make money?

  10. annie valentine says:

    Danielle, does that count as an entry? I’m only giving ONE away.

    Desperate times, ladies…

  11. Evitafjord says:

    I put one up. I sent the link to all of my Twilight friends after I stumbled here from your sister’s blog. I haven’t read it, but I would be even cooler with the YW if I had the tee.

  12. I totally need a vampire t-shirt! Do they come in count chocula?

  13. One more time with the link to the blog.

  14. pick me! pick me!

  15. whoops! the button is up… now i just need the shirt…

  16. Here’s my entry. Where’s my shirt? I mean, come on, I’m family!

    (And I hope you eventually make more than you’ve spent giving/wearing these – since I happen to know that project “Jason” is running out of time, and people are loving them without any real commitment.) (Just saying.) (COME ON PEOPLE! IF YOU DON’T WIN, BUY ONE FOR THE POOR GIRL!!!)

    Enough said.

  17. I’m rather new to this whole blogging thing, but I was rather “smitten” with the whole Twilight thing, and stumbled onto your blog. I would love a t-shirt!

  18. O.K. tell me how to put the button on my blog, because I already forwarded your email about the T-shirts to over 50 people, and I know my presidency is buying them so we can all wear them to the premiere together, so tell me, since I am SOOO technologically challenged HOW to do it! Thanks, hope I win!

  19. Oh… and by the way, Annie… I’ll have you know that I hadn’t given in to the whole twilight addiction until you started this shirt thing. I was vaguely curious when I’d heard people talking about them before and then I saw the movie trailers, but it was the shirt thing and putting your button on my blog that put me over the top into the “what the heck, I’ll read the first one & see what’s it’s all about” territory. That was last week. I’ve read all of them now. AND I’m impatiently waiting for the next 3 weeks to fly by so I can see that stinking movie! So, you’ve done it now. Cause another Twilight junkie, that is.

  20. I’ve had your button up since day one. (In fact, I think my button worked before yours did.) Do I get extra credit?

    Michelle, If you’re blogging at blogspot you just need to click the copy to clipboard link on this blog and then go into widgets and then HTML code on your blog and hit ctrl+v. Easy peasy.
    If you’re blogging at wordpress it’s slightly more complicated. Stupid wordpress. Just kidding, love you wordpress, mean it!

  21. Sorry Michelle, Blogger calls them gadgets. Same thing. You’ll find them under layout.

  22. The more I look at the shirt, the more I think maybe I could buy it anyway. I don’t ever win anything. Maybe I can cough up the money? How important is the mortgage?

  23. Annie, before you “randomly” pick a winner I just want to let you know that I hang out at the Twilight fan house in the mall everyday. There are so many girls there screaming “Where can I find a Twilight Tee? What will I wear to the Premiere?!” If only I had an answer for them, if only….

  24. i have to have one!

  25. Annie…do you remember what you were doing on Aug. 3rd-8th in the year 1998? Well let me just refresh your memory. It was a mysterious and enchanted summer week at Ricks College Campus. The Theme: Joy in the Journey, The scripture: D&C100:12; the Director: Suzanne Hansen, The Session: 5, the Dorm#: 6, The Troop: DUCT TAPE; The Counselor: ANNIE VALENTINE!!! Now you may not remember me but I will NEVER forget you! Let me just say that I have some pictures of you that I could use as blackmail if I am not the “random” winner of the twilight T-shirt confrence. Got it!

  26. OK Annie…I hope you are not freaked out by my last comment…I was trying to do something that would help me STAND OUT for the contest! But in all honesty…I have a pretty funny story for you. My cute sister-in-law Tiffany has made you a blogging icon here in Southern Oregon. I have been hearing about “Tiff’s funny friend” or “Tiff’s friend I stock” for months now but somehow never actually saw your blog. Well the other day after getting Tiff’s email about a friend who was selling Twilight T-shirts and I looked again at the forwarding address and saw the name ‘Annie Valentine’ something in my memory was jogged and I sat very still. Then I clicked on your link and there you were…Mrs. Bumble Bee herself! And I just knew…it was Love at First site! I had you at Hello…you were my all-time FAVORITE EFY COUNSELOR in the HISTORY of EFY!!! I can honestly say that I had never met a more hilaroius, outrageous, totally crazy but completely caring, kind, and dedicated counselor ever! I worshiped you that year in 1998. My best friend Jaime and I from Bountiful, Utah were placed in your group by fate…we had the greatest week, the greatest group, the greatest time in our lives! I say Big Roll, you say Duct Tape, Big Roll, Duct Tape, Big Roll, Duct Tape! I say Really, you say Cool, Really Cool, Really Cool! Or how about this one…Give me a big, big you got your big you got your big, Give me a roll, roll you got your roll you got your roll, give me a Duct, Duct you got your Duct you got your Duct, give me a Tape, Tape you got your Tape you got your Tape. Ok don’t think I am nuts I am just having too much fun looking back at my Joy in the Journey packet and all the funny things I kept. Did you know that we won the Unity Contest! Thats pretty cool. OK…so maybe I am exagerating a bit on all this but honestly I did remember that it was a way more fun year than when i went before and I just remember cracking up or PMPF at you all the time! Honestly I am going to do a blog post soon with tons of cute pics from our troop and how I finally met up 10 years later with my EFY counselor! I mean really…if that isn’t a good enough story to win you over for the T-shirt contest than what is!?! But seriously I am really excited to get back in touch with you and I added your blog to my list and of course the twilight button. I think the shirst are so fun and I am all about JACOB so THANK YOU for designing those ones to! We are already planning an all-girls date to the midnight showing on Nov. 21st. OK…well I really am not a wierdo, I just thought it was such a funny coincidence that Tiffany was your EFY counselor and you were mine! We are practically related or something! Ok…I gotta get to my little trunk-or-treat now so take care and have a spooky halloween hopefully free of any more Mrs. Simons!

  27. annie valentine says:

    Mary, I’m having my mother pick a number between one and whatever. That lucky soul will win. Since you’ve left multiple comments, your chances are looking fantastic.

  28. you don’t know me from adam but I love the shirts and I put your little box on my side bar. Thanks and good luck with getting the money to go see your husband!

  29. I don’t want a shirt since I don’t care for the whole Twilight thing (I know, what nerd, right?), but I think you are so super awesome that I put a button on my site anyway. At least people will have something new to look at since I have given up the whole writing blog entries anyway. I am trying to think of someone who would actually want a shirt so I can support your cause because I really want you to go visit the husband…

  30. annie valentine says:

    Jodi – It means a lot that you’d put up with Twilight anything since you’re not a fan, and you even sacrificed side bar space for a button.

    Let her be an example to us all…

  31. I want it!!!

  32. I would love a tee! I am reading the first book for the third time, in anticipation of the movie coming out! GO EDWARD!