I have a confession. I hate LOL. Not laughing out loud, but LOL. Don’t ask me why I cringe every time I see it, I live to make people laugh. With me, at me, about me, laughter is my favorite sound ever. But when I see LOL my eyes immediately roll up in the back of my head and I have a “fingers on a chalkboard” moment. 

So, I have come up with some alternatives to *LOL.

1. LMBO – “Laughing My Butt Off”. I don’t know if this is already popular anywhere on the world wide web, but I re-made it up for this blog so I don’t want to hear any chatter about it’s pre-existence. Besides, it looks like Limbo and limboing is hysterical. When I try it. With my broken back.

2. PMPL – “Peeing My Pants Laughing”. I know when you read this it looks like a shortened version of “pimple”, but really, that just makes it funnier. Then the person reading that you’re peeing your pants can laugh at your pmpl. 

3. KSSF – “Knee Slapping Snorting Funny”. I know, you thought these were the call letters for a new soft rock station, but no. This should be reserved for momentous blog entries that leave you running to the bathroom to PMPL. 

Feel free to use these new abreviated versions of hysteria all over the WWW. Maybe we’ll start something great here. We could have people PMPLing all over the place. Talk about an outbreak…


*the only exception to this reaction is when Jason texts me that he LOL’d at something I wrote. When he types it, it’s like the coolest praise EVER.


  1. I too am not a big LOL fan. I think just now in this comment was my first time using it. And I’m finding it hard not to go back and delete it.
    This post had me SIKATC!
    (shouting I KNOW at the computer)

  2. I’m with Mary. IK!!! LOLS (lolsucks)

    But who do you think you are making up your own stuff?

  3. I LMBO 🙂 Quite literally. I read these at work & laughed. My butt off my chair. Onto the hard linoleum floor!

  4. NOOOOOOO! I was going to write a post this week entitled “To LOL or not to LOL” and tell all about how I CANNOT write that.

    When people write it to me in response to a post I try to imagine that they really did laugh out loud and only think of that.

    I think this is some sort of complex or something. Glad to know there are others (awesome others) who feel the same way.

    Oh, and I’m still going to post about it.

  5. I will refrain from spewing my opinions about it all over your comment box. But I agree with what you said…Ditto that!

  6. I like the peeing pants one.

  7. My sisters and I are the queens of PMPL! We participate in this way too much, Lake Powell, Elevators, usually at a hotel on vacation after a really long day! PMPL-oh my sisters will love that one.

  8. recently found your blog. funny stuff. totally agree.

  9. Wow. I am a frequent LOL offender. I had no idea it was so abrasive to so many. I think I’ll start PMPL’ing with the occasional KSSF thrown in for good measure.

  10. BTW, you “nice girl”, I am a nice girl too but I have a Good In Bed link on my sidebar. PMPL!

  11. I just laugh like, “HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!”

    Stupid LOL. I feel like I’m 15 when I write that.

  12. Heather Tintle says:


  13. I totally hate LOL, too! Actually-I hate any and all acronyms. They grate on me SO bad. Except JK and IDK—for some unexplainable reason I find them amusing. I make no sense.
    Still, I understand that getting LOL from certain people is quite the compliment:)

  14. I totally GWRFB (guffawed while reading funny blog) when I read that…who’s the best? You’re the best…(remember that always!)

  15. Oh, I agree. True words, Annie, true words.

    And just so you know, I can’t even look at your blog with even a semi-full bladder for fear of PMPLing.

  16. I’m anti LOL as well. I’m anti all akronyms. But you can PMPL if you think you need to.

  17. Okay now I must type LOL in the comment box of every post you make for the next umpteen days just because I know you hate it.

    Except that I don’t know you that well, so I’ll just have to content myself with the observation that i think you are just looking for things to be annoyed about so that you have blog fodder and while it is very funny and clever, it is probably not a recipe for lifelong happiness and contentment.

    That is all.

    Not really, there’s always more. But for now, that will do.


  18. I wish there was a little sound bite we could put with a comment instead.

  19. I think we’re just old, and out of it because all of those acronyms are what my 13 yr old and her friends text to each other!

  20. annie valentine says:

    You’re comments all made me GWRFC (guffaw while reading funny comments). Thanks Camille.

  21. I don’t know Lisa, I know tons of girls who struggle with the whole LOL thing. I myself? Have never used it. Why? I have know idea, but for some strange reason it bugs me.

    I personally loved this post, and will totally be using Annie’s new and improved acronyms.

  22. Well, you forgot to also rant about ROFL —rolling on the floor laughing. That’s pretty popular with teens, too. I think you are KSSF. I know abreviations can be silly but it keeps my brain tuned in to my teens if I use some of the terms they use. Like one time while my daughter was instant messaging with friends on her laptop and I walked over to see what she was up to, she typed POS (Parent Over Shoulder) and I knew exactly what she said to her friend. Ha! can’t hide stuff from Mommy, little girl! So I’ll LOL as much as I want just NOT on your BLOG. Here I’ll just ha-ha-ha-ha!

  23. LOL you’re so funny.

  24. AMEN!!! Good gooly, can’t they just type “haha”?? That’s what I do- I take the extra effort to put in the extra letter. Dang I’m awesome.

  25. I hate LOL too… I find it irritating in posts… I also hate it when someone writes out ha ha ha after something they have written in one of their posts– as if they needed to prompt me that it was supposed to be funny.

    But I do like the lshipmp(laughing so hard i pee’d my pants) I just may start using that one!

  26. Reading this post and the comments has just given me a complex. I don’t know if I’ll be able to comment again without doubting myself. ha, ha, lol, 🙂 My thing with lol is I can’t decide whether it means lots of love, or lots of laughs or just what!

  27. Amen.

    It’s a symptom of the degradation of the English language.

    And yes. I am that much of a dork.

  28. You crack me up. I hate that stupid LOL too. I am finally getting use to using the @ sign, though. I may start to use LOL in another 10 years. When it’s UNCOOL and totally 2010 RETRO.

  29. I totally agree. It has always bugged me too.
    I like LMAO (a little more irreverant version of your LMBO),
    but I also like ROTFLOL (rolling on the floor laughing out loud)
    or maybe FOMCL ( fell off my chair laughing)

  30. My husband rants about LOL every time he sees it! I will most certainly be using PMPL. Thanks for some fresh new ways to laugh!

  31. LOL is okay, ROTFLOL is okay, I like your other acronyms, a lot. They give more descriptive reactions to responses, without all the writing. I like shortcuts. And….yeah, it’s like I’m fifteen. lol I’m not fooling anyone. My daughter, that’s 19, actually did the ROTFLOL at the mall. She was…I promise… there; with her other sisters as witnesses. I was completely locked my bedroom because the door knob fell off. She hung up on me. I think she rolled on her phone, but then ratted me out to my husband, who was on-duty at the fire department. Lights and sirens to release me. PMP, but not on purpose. It does get weirder, but I’ll spare you. lymi (Love you, mean it) I do. This site is fun and I may just follow you. Susan (Bree Watson’s old mother)