Brother Tarzan

This might sound ridiculous to some, and fall under the “bad parenting” category to others, but I don’t seem to mind my children watching movies as long as they do it in costume. 

When I was a kid, we spent a ridiculous amount of rainy days watching old movies and playing dress up. All the dancing and dressing up would have been a lot more fun for me if I could have only been cast as a girl. But alas, in my youthful pudgy yet sturdy state, I was more equipped for lifting than being lifted, and with my raspy voice (because I was a loud child), I was more suited to tenor than soprano. 

Don’t think this stopped me from claiming female characters as my own (although my sisters never honored such roles and continually called me “Curly” and “Benjamin”).

I remember playing 7 Brides. It was always a mad rush for Dorcas, but being fourth in line (because my big sisters always pulled seniority) I usually ended up with Martha. I tried to like her, but secretly coveted Dorcas and her 14 inch waist. Every bride was usually taken–except for Sarah. Does anyone remember her? Long dark hair? Stupid smile? Stuck with Frank (“Come on, Frank!”)? A bit of an over-actor? For some reason she was the junky part reserved for out of town guests and after school friends. 

Anyway, today my son wanted to be Young Tarzan from the Disney movie. So I cut up an old Halloween costume and he’s currently crouching around corners and swinging from ropes, hollering at the top of his lungs. 

Hey, Rex just introduced me to his “Brother Tarzan”. I love kids. Here’s a visual. Rex insisted on a costume as well.100_23673



  1. Where’s Baloo? Wait, is that the wrong movie?

  2. Bad parenting this is not! What a great way to let them use their own imaginations!

  3. I can just image you and your sisters dancing around in your underwear singing “Oh they say when you marry in June, you’re a bride all your life…”

    Just kidding, I can’t.

  4. annie valentine says:

    Don’t worry Mary, next time I see you I’ll be sure to give an encore presentation just for you.

    Since I can still recite the entire movie by heart. And we still do the dances when we get together…

  5. Will you sing for me Annie when we see each other on the 14th? And if Shawn wasn’t “taken care of” I would totally have called my next child Dorcas.

  6. I think we might have played the polygamy version of that because we all wanted to be married to Benjamin and rather than fight, we just agreed to share. Which seems so wrong now. I was the oldest; Benjamin should have been mine.

    We also did countless reenactments of the Shapoopie dance from The Music Man, and I still get songs from that movie stuck in my head. We’ve Got Trouble, Gary Indiana, the one about the Wells Fargo wagon. That one haunts me constantly because that’s where I bank. I wonder how often the tellers hear that hummed under people’s breath in a day? Oh, it’s only when I’m there?

  7. annie valentine says:

    I always sing, “she’s poopie, she’s poopie, she’s poopie!” when I change June’s dirty diapers.

  8. This is great! I love educating kids with the classics–getting their imaginations involved is a bonus.

  9. No this is wonderful parenting! Bad parenting is when you strap her in her chair, put baby einstein on “repeat play” and then blog! (not me I swear….errr ok I’ve done that before.)

  10. Well I was boycotting your blog for a few days since I didn’t win the stupid t-shirt contest…I mean come on Annie…do you really want me airing your dirty efy laundry all over my blog…b/c I will and I will tell your husband all about AB! Ok…so maybe I’ll leave him out of it only b/c I can tell I would have liked your hubby…it doesn’t get much better than a hot EMT proposing for all to see! How I wish I could have been there! Well I just couldn’t help commenting today b/c being the youngest of seven girls meant one thing and one thing only…Gideon! Yuck…he was the total obnoxious and ugly blonde one. And that made me the dumb blonde mute! Like at the barnyard picnic when all the girsl come over to help Adam and the boys unload the wagon and she just holds her arms out and says nothing! I always hated being Alice and watched my sisters in the limelight…and yes they would all “fight” over Benjamin but our one brother was so not into singing so we just held broomsticks as we danced! 7 Brides was always my favorite musical until jr. high when I tried out for the school play and only made one of the stupid background dancers… I mean one song at the barnyard and that was it for me! Oh how I wished to be even Alice at that moment. And even my bff Jaime (the one from efy) got to be a bride! Atleast she wasn’t Dorcus or then there really would have really been trouble at MJH! Well ok…so that is enough ranting and raving from me…I really am a nice person but something about your blog brings out my angry sarcastic side! Well your boys are too cute…my little one LOVES tarzan…and now I have a great idea to make him enjoy it even more! Thanks…and I am going to by a T-shirt…should I do it before friday to help with your trip?

  11. Love that movie.


    Looks like imaginative play to me!

  12. that’s great! lol! I’m going to start that at my house…they might look at me like I am crazy at first…but that’s the fun of it right!

    I LOVE your photos…she did an incredible job! I don’t even have a sarcastic comment?

  13. Very cute! I think sticking the kids in front of the T.V. is the best thing to do with them.

  14. I love that you analyzed the character ranking of 7 Brides as much as I did! I always envied Dorcas, too—but mostly cuz of hotty hot-hot Benjamin. And if you really watch the movie closely (which you can’t help but do the 100th time), you’ll see that Dorcas was an awful dancer. She an Benjamin are always in the back of the big dance scenes cuz they weren’t as good. Does that make you feel a little better?
    And also, wasn’t Sara with Frank? And Ruth with Ephraim? …?

  15. What is the deal? Tiffany is your EFY counselor and my other sister-in-law Christine is some kinda crazy LONG comment leaving blackmailing girl that apparently knew you too. WHERE DO I FIT INTO THIS DRAMA? I think I’ll be your current BFF. I’m the NEW friend that will replace all old friends. What will it take? Do I need to buy 4 tees to replace Christine and Tiffany? Hu?

  16. hee hee

    ( I only say that because I know how you hate lol. Though you probably hate hee hee too. I would if it wasn’t me._

  17. I clearly had the most boring childhood in existance. I think I will forever insist on making my kids dress up for movies from now on.

  18. Oh my sisters and I used to parade around with dishtowels on our heads singing “Matchmaker” from Fiddler on the Roof. Those were some of my favorite times as a child. This is so not bad parenting! Oh, and as for dressing up, sometimes I wonder why I buy my kids clothes when they parade around in costumes all day 🙂

  19. OH MY GOSH!! I want to reenact it WITH you. Seven Brides and Newsies. I want to reenact the dances sequences.

    I had no desire to be Dorcus because, well, I didn’t want to be called Dork-us. And she was just pretty with no depth. She couldn’t really sing or dance.

    If I could have realigned Millie and shot Adam. And had Benjamin come and “comfort” her, that is who I would be. Or oh, oh Frank! He was so awesome. Caleb and Ephraim were throw away brothers. And the poor girls who got stuck with them.

  20. I was married in June…so I could be a Bride all my life. Yay for June Brides.

  21. annie valentine says:

    Barbara you are so right and I’m dying that I miswrote Frank! Thanks for the head’s up, I fixed it.

    Having seen the movie 472 thousand times, I am really embarassed.

  22. I LOVE, LOVE that movie! I married a man with 6 brothers, and we watch this together sometimes. One of my favoirite movie lines is when Adam proposes to Millie. And Dorcus in her later life is Bat woman, with Adam West. Anyone remember that? And Music Man is another classic, but for me there is no end. Camelot, Oklahoma, South Pacifi, Brigadoon. Ah good times.

  23. Seriously who wanted to be Dork-@$$? Not me. Can we do a little seven brides next time you come over though? That would be fun.

  24. I think I totally love you. I love 7 Brides for 7 Brothers. We loved Dorcas, but really, we didn’t know better at the time- what a name! BTW- totally going to be ordering some of your “stupid vampire shirts!”

  25. Word out on the Dorcas trivia – She was actually an amazing dancer (Lil Abner?) but since Benjamin couldn’t dance at all, and she was paired with him, she didn’t get any good dancing parts.

    I heart Benjamin.

    Why do you think I married me a red head???

    And do I sense another set of T-shirts coming on??? From the “Sister of Annie” maybe? Hmmmm, Interesting idea… 7B T’s? I’ll market them to everyone who commented here, and I’ll make like twenty bucks. What a plan!

  26. Bless Jen for clearing up the Dorcas dancing:) Also, I think some people on here have Daniel and Ephraim mixed up… I only say that cuz I fully used to as well. Common mistake since they both answer “me” when Millie asks who is who. But anyway, Ephraim is the dark haired one and Caleb and Daniel are the two blond-ish ones.