Comment Checkout World Wide Conspiracy

Has anyone else noticed that the random, impossible to replicate, groupings of letters at Comment Checkout have finally changed over to random, easy to type, non-words? Who was the mastermind behind this apparent blogger revolution? Shake their hand and buy them a new keyboard, that’s what I’d like to do.

Those letters were always keeping me from commenting, even on the wittiest blog entries. I’d write some fantastic reply and then get hit with “zpqxscvxksm8s#2$%#&”. Um, not. 

You know, it’s almost like the new checkout letter phrases on Google are real words. “Cainurl” and “trivrask” sound like they belong somewhere. Maybe it’s a secret language. A conspiracy, and the only way to learn the language is to comment on blogs (like this one) all the time, taking careful note of the new world wide order words you run across. 

Only people who leave lots of comments can gather all the new code words to unlock the secret language of the future. 

You’d better leave a comment, I’d feel terrible if we left you behind.


  1. Camille Fox says:

    I too have noticed this! I wish I had taken notes on the non-words I’d swear really were words, so that this comment I’m leaving right now would sound more clever! I often ask myself, IS THAT A WORD?
    Annie, I am always amazed by the the amount of comments you receive. It’s a credit to you. Everyone loves Annie.

  2. One of my bloggy friend has a weekly translation game she plays with the word verification.

    I’ve never had it, and I’ve only received spam once.

  3. It’s a conspiracy. A mind game They play to keep us from finding out how to get more comments and finally be named Blog Queen of the Universe.

  4. Gurlnoj twoplp klagtr, bvinda sreemk.

    (I’ve been commenting a lot. I’m almost fluent.)

  5. I have noticed. I like it much better. But I still prefer no word verification at all.

  6. I don’t know what the hdkeoseuoiea you’re talking about!!!!!!!!!

    But have a nice day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Jen stole what I was going to say! My favorite is when the word comes up and it’s “dirty” I feel naughty just typing it in…but mostly I don’t, cuz I’m a rebel.

  8. Oh the tampon holder!! I left that purposely to have an excuse to see you again…a la George style.

  9. I had urappin once. I felt like a thug.

  10. I’ve had this very same thought. But it’s partly because I’m new-ish to Gmail and Google’s ability to put uncannily relevant ads around my inbox freaked me out a little and code words in the verification boxes seemed like a logical extension.

    Then again, I’m really suspicious of Walmart and Disney and their quest for world domination, so chances are, they’re just random words.

  11. I once had the word, “naughty.” No lie.

  12. Ok! So, I’ve been blog surfing, and NOT leaving comments, because after not turning on the computer for 2 days, there’s a LOT of blogs to read.
    I’ll comment for you though, since you asked.

  13. I had one the other day that was ALMOST a swear word. The bad one. The really bad one. Thank goodness for that “o” in the center or I would have had to cuss just to comment….or perhaps it was a swear word in the new blog commenting language…….eeek.

  14. I’ll comment only because you asked and I’m nice that way…or at least working on being 🙂
    although my blog today so beats yours…come on you know you want to look.

  15. You are SOOOO pathetic!!! You will do anything to get some attention and comments!!! And by the way, you haven’t left me any comments for awhile either, you know. I know that means you haven’t been reading my blog at all, because I make some obvious shout-outs to ya!

  16. I had one that said goleva– like goleva yo sista a lone!

    My friend got one that said bichen… I wish I would have gotten that one. That’s sweet!