Do you watch The Biggest Loser?

I must comment on Tuesday’s The Biggest Loser. Forgive me, it’s not going to be pretty.

That Vicky girl makes me so mad I could spit. Seriously, have you ever seen such nastiness all rolled up into one overweight southern girl? I was practically peeing my pants last night when they got to Amy’s vote, hoping that she’d figure out already that the blue team in general was using her like a paper towel on a camping trip. 

When Amy’s feet hit solid ground and she sent Cat Woman’s husband home I practically cackled at the television, oh the joy of retribution in general. What goes around, sister.  

What is it about karma that is so delightful? It’s rare that bad people get away with their rottenness forever. I’m just hoping that Vicky binges on cupcakes this week and eats herself right off the ranch, leaving all the nice fat people to do their business and get skinny in peace. 

If I were there, I’d secretly sneak things like butter onto all her sandwiches and sugar into her crystal light. But then I guess I’d be as rotten as she is. Too bad.


  1. I don’t watch, but maybe I should!

  2. diana banana says:

    amen!!! she is so terribly rude i also wanted to spit.

  3. I haven’t watched this season, but I’ve seen several past ones. There’s always a contestant like that. Seeing Karma come back to bite them is definitely sweet.

  4. I don’t watch the show…sorry…but I know many nasty people. So are we still on for Friday? If we are….I’m going to have to change it, because I have to help out at the school in the morning and afternoon. I hope you’re not too disappointed (or maybe you’re not disappointed at all) but the next week is all open for you, if you want! And Veronica can come and I’ll convince her to bring her camera, because that’s all she’s good for…j/k Vero, if you’re reading this, love you, you’re the best!

  5. okay I’ve caught up on all of your posts an dI was crying…and laughing…and loving your husband, but hating you because he’s yours…

    It was a whirlwind.

    I’m glad to know your are back safe with your stinky diapers to keep you company until your hubby gets a break for his TOP SECRET AGENT MISSION!!!

    About the show…I agree…TOTALLY TOTALLY agree!

  6. You are hilarlious! I’ve watched the show a few times if I decide to flip on the tv and I don’t think Heba is very nice, to put it nicely. And I saw last night where they all ganged up on Phil and the one really ugly girl said she thought everyone deserved to be there except him. Who cares?! Beat him if you don’t like him, right? No one said you had to like the guy. (He’s married anyway…) Yeah, so she’s mean and ugly and that makes for a really bad combo. Maybe that was the Vicky girl?

  7. annie valentine says:

    That, dear Stephanie, was the Vicky girl.

  8. I can’t believe we didn’t even talk about this today! Tomorrow I’m unloading my frustration on you.

  9. I had to call Kendra at commercial to vent with someone who understood because Bryce was like, “I don’t know, I really don’t care,” and “umhuh.” Why, why, WHY, doesn’t someone else step up and say, “Hey, here’s an idea….stop pretending like we are in Jr. High and get over yourself and the drama?” Why doesn’t anyone call Heba and Vicky on their childish antics?! And why didn’t Amy go in the kitchen and stand up for her man…that bothered me too.

    However, next week is entitled Vicky’s Revenge, (okay I titled it that). But I paused my recording (yes, I record it) on Vicky’s Revenge sheet (yes she actually named it that…Jr. High-I know!) and Amy C. is so gonna get it. Until she figures out, “dude, this woman is an idiot, I don’t care what she thinks of me, she’s not on a jury (Survivor), and I’m never gonna see her again. Bring on the revenge!

    Oh, so could blog about this, obviously this has been bothering me since last night! Thanks for letting me vent. Oh, and congrats on Georgia and my ward ladies have ordered 6 shirts and I know are ordering 4 more. So, like plan another trip or something with all your moo-la.

  10. This was so funny it made me want to watch

  11. Oh-I’m SOOO with you! I was seriously yelling at Vicky…through the TV. I hope she heard me. I think you can tell even the producers are beginning to hate her, because they always show her making that irritating smile-like-I-got-away-with-something-awful face. I just can’t believe NO ONE stands up to her.
    And I LOVE LOVE Amy C for voting her husband (who I feel bad for in a way) off. I hope she gets immunity next week and kicks Vicky’s trash.
    Now that I know you watch this show, I’m probly gonna have to vent again next week.
    Oh-and I love Tom and LT. Wish they would come back.

  12. annie valentine says:

    I kept looking for someone to yell at last night during the entire episode. Kelly, you are SO RIGHT. I couldn’t understand why the black team stood there fuming and DID NOT SAY A WORD to the fat blue chicks.

    I love that show.

  13. Jana Banana says:

    I have to start off by saying I just found your blog last week and I love it! I wish, oh how I wish, I could write like you. You are hilarious!

    My roommate and I watched last night and I figured out what Amy was going to do as soon as they went from the weigh in to voting. (It helped that they were dropping hints as they cut to commercial.) Vicky is definitely a witch with a capital beast, and Heba’s not much better. I would totally laugh if Vicky ended up below the yellow line next week and totally got kicked off. She’s got it coming to her.

  14. I start out every season intending to watch the whole thing, but lose interest in the drama part and haven’t made it all the way through in a long time. I always watch the last 2 though and cry and cry.

  15. I almost woke my son up with the shouts of Hooray! when Brady was voted off. I think Heba should be grateful to Amy C because it was only a matter of time before Vicky and Brady turned on her. The only way I would have been happier at the end of that show was if Vicky had gone home. She makes me want to spit fire. If she wins, I may not be able to watch fat people lose weight anymore, and I’ll really miss it.

  16. I haven’t been watching this season and now I’m a little sad about that. it sounds like I’m missing out.

  17. And I’m just waiting for The Biggest Loser to come to Poland. (not so I can be a contestant, just so I can watch it.)

  18. I’m with Alison. It almost makes me wish I had television.

  19. I have to agree with you I do not like Vicky either. I hope she gets voted off next week. She is such a game player and not a nice one.

  20. A-to the -men!

  21. happened by and just had to say “Amen” – my kids thought I was going to break the television I was screaming at that lady so much. And no, I’m not crazy 🙂 (not really)

    I’m excited to see next week when she shows her true crazy colors 🙂

  22. You said “put sugar in her crystal light” Ha. Ha. Love it!