My Kindergartener Can Do Geometry

And it’s kind of freaking me out. Take your mouse and click (pick) my nose, over there, on the right, to read this week’s column.


  1. I love that you threw in the rhombus thing. It really made the whole collumn for me. Awesome.

  2. I’m pretty sure your kid is smarter than me.

    And I was going to try to come to your house to stare at you ina creepy manner, i.e. buy a shirt, but I wasn’t able to.

    However, I am going to be purchasing one to wear on Friday.

  3. Funny. I’ve had several of these same thoughts over the years. I guess I just kind of went into denial / became docile about it because recently I’ve not really thought about how it bothered me like I used to (until you reminded me.) Just wait until 5th grade. I can officially say that I am not smarter than my 5th grader. Not to say that I’m lacking intelligience. I just plain don’t get what all these new terms are and I don’t understand why he isn’t doing long division. His new math is so much more complicated. I have to look up how to help him on the internet.

  4. I don’t think it’s normal for schools to teach that…I just think it’s a Davis county thing. We, as in Weber county folk, think it’s a bunch of hogwash. That’s right we wash our hogs with geometry textbooks, because that’s what we think of that “nonesense”. Do we really want to pattern ourselves after the communists? And really, China only won those medals because they “cheated”…so how can we trust those test scores. I’ll tell you what you show me a “real” smart chinaman and I’ll show you a frenchman who cares. That’s the point the French don’t I say, lets pattern ourselves after the French.
    And Kristina I got to meet the “Annie” and she is even more glorious than her blog potrays her… jealous? I thought so….

  5. Well, my kid can do physics. That’s scary, too, right? Except he’s in High School. In a Physics class. So, never mind.

  6. Sorry I didn’t make it over to your house. When I got home from the meet n greet– I had a house full of carpet cleaners (i know wuh??) I guess the hubs decided that we needed them cleaned before the big turkey day…

    Your kid is totally smarter than mine, and you know what? I’m OK with that!

  7. so never hear of a rhombus? What in the heck? Loved the column…agree on the communist thing but Iespecially liked the bit about the donut…you never cease to amaze me with your humor!

  8. Yes I am convinced the day is marching steadily towards us, where it will not be safe to send our kids to school for fear of what cockamaymed ideas will be stuffed down their throats. I am only glad my youngest is in fourth grade. I am hoping to get out of the educational system before this day happens, because I can not home school my kids either.