My Relief Society president just called. She wants to come and see me. Right now. 

I feel like I’ve been sent to the principal’s office. My stomach is a mess, that brocoli I ate with dinner? Not such a good idea. I have absolutely no idea what I’ve done, but I’m sure I stuck my foot in it somewhere. It can’t be a routine visit since we just had Visiting Teaching interviews two weeks ago. It can’t be a new calling since that’s not really her job. 

I’ve been racking my brain to think of all the possible offensive scenarios I’ve been entangled with lately. Too many to count. Perhaps it was something I said during my lesson last week. Or maybe my skirt was too short today (something I am guilty of on occasion…a little flash of snow in the south of France doesn’t really bother me).

I have no email to check, no blogs I want to read, no husband to lament to, and kids who are already tucked in bed. How do I kill time before that notorious knock rattles my door frame? 

Uh oh, there she is. Please, don’t add to my visiting teaching route…


  1. Ack! Good luck! Come back quick to fill us in!

    And I have about 13 women I have to see. I’m trying not to be bitter.

  2. Yikes! I hate those types of visits!! Hurry back to update us.

    I used to visit teach 8 ladies. It took me all freaking month long to do it– seeing how some of them lived 1 hour away from me. And I “GOT” to take my children along for the visits. Good times.

  3. So is that why you didn’t answer my phone call? as to why you haven’t called me back yet well…
    Anyway isn’t it funny how those things can set us into a panic even though we have no real reason to think we did something wrong? I so do that.

  4. Yikes, my president wants to see me too, to tell me what a BAD VT I am. Oh well, I keep putting her off. . . good luck, I hope it’s a recipe she wants.

  5. You didn’t forget the tablecloth or centerpiece when you were teaching RS, did you? That’s a huge transgression, and always worthy of a visit from the RS president.

  6. Please update!

  7. OMGOSH! Now that I know the outcome I am so disgusted.

  8. “a little flash of snow in the south of France”