So the holidays are nearing an end. Tarts, pies, cakes, meat, potatoes, cookies, fudge, freaky dipped pretzels and bacon (thank you Kristina)–whatever your tradition, eating seems to be the number one pastime. If you’re finding yourself somewhere in the “three more days to binge before I start my diet” mode, here’s something to consider to help spark your weight loss flame.

If you do nothing for yourself and your New Year’s uber-skinny goal, get yourself a subscription to SHAPE magazine. Despite the sleezy bikini-clad stars that regularly grace the cover, the magazine kind of rocks.

If you don’t believe me, just buy one of them the next time you’re in the store and read it cover to cover. It will be enough to convince you to drop your bagel and reach for a green refillable water bottle. It is the most motivating magazine ever, and not in the, “I’m really jealous that I don’t look that girl so I think I’ll go eat a Twinkie” kind of way, but in a “really good suggestions for better living plus motivating tips” kind of way. 

Reading it last night, I was so inspired I almost got up and this morning and exercised.



ps – I’m not being paid to write this (but I should be). And for more on feeling good about the Christmas time scale, click here to read my sister’s holiday weight loss theory, sure to bring peace and comfort to all over-indulgers.


  1. Yeah, I don’t want to feel bad about myself. This is why I don’t watch The Biggest Loser.

    Oh, and I posted about another delicious, tasty treat on my blog today. You’re welcome.

  2. You are my inspiration! I should just go to your house everyday and check out your hot bod and you can tell me all your inspirational stories! Because you rock! I have a subscription to Prevention magazine, and I love it…but, it’s really geared to the over 40 group. Really, reading the magazine titles “more energy after 40” “look sexy after 40”. I’m almost 32, I still have a few more good years on me. I need a hip and happenin’ magazine to inspire me.

  3. I missed the issue where they highlighted the salami diet.

  4. Yes, I do love that magazine.

  5. They fully should pay you. Cuz I went straight to their website to look around right after I read your post:)

    And speaking of healthy and shape and all that…have you SEEN previews for the next season of Biggest Loser?! I’m kind of really excited.

  6. I love shape magazine. I have a subscription.

  7. It is a good magazine – and thanks for the link. You’re a good sister.

    Now that your grown up, anyway. ;P