Ring it in

With the old year behind me and the new one in front, let’s recap the good, the bad, and the please-make-that-happen-next-year lists.

Good Things 2008:

1. Lost the baby weight and then some

2. Spent six weeks at my mother’s house and had full access to my family

3. My column, and completed manuscript (which I am currently and frantically rewriting once again)


Bad Things 2008:

1. Jason’s absence (but he’s home now and I love him even more, so that one probably doesn’t count)

2. Mom’s breast cancer

3. Should I recap the 412 times I put my foot in my mouth?


Next year?

I just want my mom to be all better. And another baby. And an agent. And I’d really like to be syndicated soon…

Happy 2009. Go make some noise this year and let the planet know you’re alive.


  1. Sounds like a pretty good year. I hear you I want my mom to be all better also. Hear’s hoping it will be so.

  2. I hope the best for you this year! This is my year to lose baby weight, because I’m hot and I’m sure going to look good at 115

  3. Losing the baby weight totally cancels out putting your foot in your mouth, so you’re good to go!

  4. Here’s hoping all the wishes on your list come true. Happy new year!

  5. Not a bad year overall it sounds like, good luck with the next one.

  6. LOVE IT. I’m so sorry about your mom’s breast cancer. I didn’t know.

    Congrats on your completed manuscript. I don’t know how you do all that you do.

    May you be syndicated soon!

  7. The syndication thing has practically already happened.

    And you really should give Elma at least three weeks every summer.

  8. So I didn’t realize you were doing some actual fiction writing too. I just completed the rewrites on my manuscript and will be resubmitting either tomorrow or Monday. What’s your genre? I’m doing LDS chick lit and I’m feeling good about it so far.

    And I just noticed I was on your blog roll. Thanks and hooray!

  9. Good job for loosing the baby weight PLUS some. That’s my goal for next year, oh and to get pregnant at the very end and loose all that skinniness.
    And I think you should totally be syndicated next year.