Salt or Curry, Take Your Pick.

I think curry should be a condiment.

Seriously, I just added curry chicken to my poppyseed/cherry/blue cheese salad and Jimminy Cricket (the kids are watching Pinochio) was it tasty. Oh, and Jen? Most people get a runny nose when they eat curry, you’re not alone. I prefer mine with a box of tissues. But I can’t think of anything that wouldn’t be better with curry.

Speaking of spice, check out my column this week for a little salty advice in honor of Valentine’s Day.


  1. Curry is my archnemesis.


    We must go to lunch.


  3. Everything you eat in New Mexico needs a box of kleenex on the side. I guess a little curry won’t hurt it.
    And the best way to eat funeral potatoes? Throw in some green chilies. Seriously the best.

  4. Curry is tha bomb.

    And in some countries, it is a condiment!

  5. Salt is so overrated. Me, I find that sugar gets you further. Lather it on… he’ll never notice. Guys just don’t know what the meaning of “overkill” is.

  6. You sure do have a way with words Annie!

  7. Could you please describe salt to me? Read your Montensano column. I think you husband might be my missing brother. “And”. That’s one more word than I would have used.

  8. I love Curry—-hubby hates curry. I love spicy—hubby hates spicy. I love HOT….hubby hates hot. Sheeeesh. But when it comes to Salt….salt works for us.
    You are such a good writter miss Annie. You are one talented broad.

  9. annie valentine says:

    Now Daniel, does it look from this story like I know anything about making salt work? Hmm?

  10. Loved your article. Adding a little salt is good medicine every now and then.
    I posted my first little newspaper article on my blog. Come take a look.

  11. Ahhhhh, loved it! I love how you illustrate everything. 🙂

  12. Loved your article, great advice, you rock. . . I had to speak in church on Marriage last week, I guess in honor of Valentines Day. I told enough embarrassing stories about my husband that I got NUTHIN’ for Valentines Day. But I did enjoy the laughter during sacrament meeting. That was reward enough. Why do so many of us need that class clown award occasionally? xox