My Man’s Valentine’s Day Surprise

Good things come to those who try to save money.

Let me tell you what followed that fantastical post by my main man.

My darling girlfriend Tricia took our three kids on Friday afternoon and told us not to return for 24 hours. Jason then surprised me with a couple’s massage. Sounds great, right? But ten minutes into our date, bad news struck. One of the massage therapists broke her ankle and they had to reschedule. Nice romantic start.

But this cloud’s silver lining came in the form of a rescheduled massage (this Friday), and they’re giving it to us half price. That’s right, we’re getting two 50 minute massages for $39.00. Beat that, baby.

We headed out to dinner, and Jason treated me to 12 beautifully bloody ounces of prime rib (mmm), then informed me that we were going to a comedy club in Ogden. Yay!

This club is known for being pretty clean, so we hurried off to buy our tickets. Unfortunately for us, the comedian they had was a national funny man big-wig, so they wouldn’t take our twofer one coupon. Plus, they told us we’d have to spend a minimum $10 per person on food and beverages. After 12 ounches of dinner? Talk about unappetizing.

I felt kind of sick paying the money, and so before handing over the cash, I asked the girl if the comedian was clean. “Not this guy,” she says. “He’s pretty much ‘R’ rated.”

I snatched my cash back, smiled at Jason, and we tra-la-la’ed the heck out of there. Can you believe our good luck? Now next Friday will include a massage, plus a get one free coupon to the comedy club, where we will spend $10 a person on dinner instead of going to some over-priced steak house! To top it off, next Friday is the ten year anniversary of our first date.

I ask you, could any date have gone better? My magical date was multiplying and reproducing under my very own rose-colored glasses.

The next morning, we awoke to sounds of–nothing. That’s right, our house was calm. Quiet. Peaceful. No blood curdling 5 am bottle call from the June Bug, no 6 am “Mommy, Can I play the Wii? Mommy, I want lunch! Pancakes, Mommy, pancakes! I need to go pee-pee! I want candy! MAMA MAMA MAMA MAMA!” It was bliss.

At 9:15 am Jason and I headed out for his last big date surprise. I dressed comfortably and confidently, sure that I had his secret all figured out. We were going to the shooting range, of course. I know his tricks, he can’t fool me.

Imagine my surprise when we pulled up in from of the Orson Gygi Culinary Arts Center for an authentic Chinese cooking class.

Three hours of Jason in an apron. Let me tell you, he’s never looked better.


  1. wow, I’m jealous. Cooking class? Steak? Saving money? How did you get so lucky? Although, we had our 8 year anniversary date last night and my husband allowed me to drool over new digital slr cameras. It was really really exciting:) Good for you snatching your money back!

    I wish I could wake up to the sounds of nothing! Every morning it’s thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, SLAM! while my son runs to our room, throw open the door and calls, I’M AWAKE! This means, of course, that the baby is now awake, which means no going back to sleep. grr…

  2. what a night!! you lucky girl you. I would say I am coveting, but that’s a sin.

  3. Happiness is oozing out of the screen and seeping into my pores.

    Love, love, LOVE it.

  4. Whata fun date! I never would have thought about taking a cooking class together.

  5. This post combine with the last one is really setting a high bar for all guys I may ever attempt to date:)

  6. How is it that I haven’t heard a word about any of this?

    I think you’re making it up. Who could forget to tell her sister about couple’s massages and cooking class?

  7. annie valentine says:

    Jenny, it’s because we always talk about you. Cause I’m a good sister like that.

  8. I LOVE Orson Gygi’s!! If they could transport it out to Maryland, I would be happy. When I take a trip to UT you can always find me there! There are other things I’d like to transport out here also, but that could fill a page!

    Sounds like you two had a great time!

  9. What a cool date. Winner, winner chicken dinner. I mean, big fat juicy steak dinner!

  10. WOW! That is all I have to say! Except for- where do I find a friend like Tricia?

  11. You have a dang good man! Lucky duck. Not saying I don’t have a great, wonderful and awsome husband, just saying he could use some lessons in the romance department!

  12. Oh and how jealous am I? Orson Gygi is one of my all time favorite stores!

  13. The massage didn’t work out, the comedy club didn’t work out and instead of “hey guess how much my night sucked” we got “guess how fantastically everything went!” You’re the coolest, you know that?

  14. Oh Man!!! That is so beautiful. I would do just about anything for something like that.