Stinky Sweet Salad

Let me tell you about the day after the Super Bowl. Personally, I wouldn’t pay a stale rice cake to watch the game, but I’d hand over a hefty $20 for a ticket to good Super Bowl food.

On Sunday we got together with a crowd from Jason’s office. Most of these people are strangers to me, but the food they brought certainly wasn’t. Let’s just say I wasn’t disapointed. For three hours, I parked myself next to the bean dip and wings and managed to avoid watching a single play. It was the best fast breaker I’ve ever experienced in my life. You should always fast before Super Bowl Sunday, it makes everything taste so much better.

But yesterday? Yesterday I thought I was going die. I was h-u-n-g-r-y all day long. It was like I had a hollow leg (and arm and chest cavity and brain). And so, I turned to my favorite treat in the entire world, my never-get-sick-of-it salad (I should say our salad, because my girlfriend Tricia is just as addicted as I am). I call it the Stinky Sweet Salad, and as long as you incorporate the two main ingredients, you’re headed for salad perfection. They are:

Blue cheese, and poppy seed dressing.

Things I like to add to this include: pecans, walnuts, almonds, dried cherries, dried cranberries, chicken, corn, the kitchen sink–it doesn’t really matter. The stinky sweetness of it all is one of the most satisfying tastes in the world. Yesterday I sauteed some spinach leaves for a few minutes and had it warm, and HOLY HANNAH was it tasty.

I also throw it into wraps for Jason on occasion, he’s just as addicted as I am.

So if you’re looking to change things up, step away from the leftover chips and salsa and try this salad. I guarantee you’ll lick the bowl.


  1. Wow, that is my kind of salad. I could bathe in blue cheese. I love the potato bar at Harmons because I can drown my potato in blue cheese.

  2. The kitchen sink is one of my favorite cooking ingredients. Loving it.

  3. Wow that sounds GOOD. Stinky & Sweet are 2 wonderful ingredients for a salad.

  4. Yummo!

  5. I love poppyseed dressing and nearly all those ingredients. But I loathe blue cheese. There’s something about ingesting visible mold that makes me queasy.

  6. I make something similar with green apples and cashews but I haven’t added the blue cheese element. That sounds GOOD.

  7. I LOVE IT –gonna try it.. I’ll be eating it by myself though (wanna come over) as my husband gags at the thought of blue cheese and not so crazy about poppy seed dressing. Crazy husband.

  8. mmmmmmm, stiiiiiiiinky, sweeeeeet….sounds delicious, I wish I had my some stinkysweet right now. It would be the ultimate stinkysweet if avocado was required to be involved, then it would be stinkysweetsmooth salad. mmmm

  9. Yum, sounds very similar to a spinach salad Adorable Hubby and I live on, we use feta cheese I’ll have to try it with blue cheese. I have an amazing, easy recipe for Raspberry Poppy Seed dressing if you’re interested.

  10. I’m getting hungry.mmmmm……does it count if you’re stinky but not the salad?

  11. annie valentine says:

    Lisa – It is divine with avocado. I haven’t added that since this summer, thanks for the reminder.

  12. I used to say ‘holy hannah’ all the time in jr high. And then one day there was a girl on the bus who turned and glared at me when I yelled it. Apparently her name was Hannah.

  13. I haven’t fasted for 7 years! You know, with being pregnant, breastfeeding, pregnant, breastfeeding, pregnant…well, you get the idea. I’m done (FINALLY!) with all of that since november, but I never remember.

    The salad sounds yummy, minus the stinky. 🙂

  14. Are you talking blue cheese dressing or actual blue cheese. I dont think I could handle two dressings. Still it is sounding mighty yummy

  15. annie valentine says:

    Diary – It’s crumbled blue cheese (which I buy in bulk from Costco) with poppy seed dressing. Good question.

  16. M-m-m-m-m MMMMMM! I’m so hungry right now. Do you think Whoppers would taste good on that?….because I am so addicted to those chocolately-noisey little round balls of maltedness. JK…..not really. 😉

  17. I feel a little barfy now. Bleu cheese is a little rank if you ask me. Love the rest of the idea though. I make a salad that has spinach, homemade poppy seed dressing, bacon, almonds, strawberries, red grapes, green onions. Whatever you feel like.