So Green, and not in an environmental way





Happy St. Patrick’s Day. As you can see, Harrison, Rex and Rainbow Bright won’t be getting pinched today. It took me ten minutes to convince Rex to let me take a photo of him. I know I shouldn’t post pictures of him because he’s so cute someone might want to steal him. On second thought, I’d love to watch a stranger try to get him into a car. 

Notice all the gaping holes in Harrison’s mouth? His teeth are falling out all over the place. One of his little buddies was over last week right after he’d lost two more bottom teeth. I heard his buddy say, “Oh yeah? It’s probably decay.” Nice.

I  made the kids shamrock pancakes for breakfast. When Harrison went to get dressed, I ate his and told him it was a Leprechaun. He was so ticked off. It took me ten minutes of lying through my green teeth to convince him it wasn’t me. The things we do to help our kids feel festive.


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


  1. Love the rainbrow bright tights. Why can’t I find those in my size?

  2. This is one holiday that I don’t get that into. I feel like such a bad mom. But hey, I made whole wheat pancakes for breakfast, even if they wern’t green, that counts for something, right?

  3. Cute, CUTE! I love when you do pics of your kids, after all, we don’t get to see them much. They are adorable too.

  4. All you over-achievers and your pancakes, I couldn’t even find the apple jacks, so we had cheerios- nothing green. I get the “loser mom of the day” award.

  5. Very cute Kiddos!

  6. Right, a leprechaun. A big, blond, LYING, leprechaun. Who isn’t supposed to eat pancakes.

    We had Marshmallow Matey’s for breakfast. Since that’s the genaric for Lucky Charms, does it count as an “Irish” breakfast?

  7. I just want you to know that that black and white dog that Rex is holding in every single one of those pictures used to be MINE. I picked it out one day, and from that day forward Ruffy sat on top of my pillow on top of my bed and waited for me to come home from school every day.

    And then I got Samantha. My American Girl doll.

  8. Your children are gorgeous! I am very jealous 🙂

  9. Those pancakes was WAY GREEN! Holy cow! I can’t do the food dye thing. Especially green, which is weird because green is my favorite color. My husband made the kids shamrock pancakes today, too (he blogged on my blog about it) and our daughter thought they were stingray pancakes. She got all excited about it, too.

  10. Jenna (Slye) Bender says:

    HA! My son had the same “I rish I was Irish” tshirt last year. He’s like almost all Irish though so this year he has “I’m so cute, I must be Irish”. Your kids are BEAUTIFUL and I also, would LOVE to see someone try to kidnap my kid. THEY would regret it. He’d do THEM harm. Yeah. He’s my kid alright. You prolly don’t remember me, but I was nice to you when you were little. LOL!

  11. Annie, you crack me up!

  12. Cute! I should be more festive.

  13. You ‘re so funny – I wish I would have eaten my kids’ pancakes and blamed it on leprachauns. That is sheer brilliance.

    I guffawed loudly when I read “On second thought, I’d love to watch a stranger try to get him into a car.” I can relate so very much.

    I’m loving the rainbow legs on your baby. It is very pot 0′ gold-ish. Except that would make her feet the treasure….

    Oh and hey – – did you notice that I signed in MY account this time. I’m a fast learner.

  14. You’re right. I would steal him if I knew where to find him. He’s adorable. No,
    I actually have all the adorableness I can handle at my own house at this point. But he’s darling.
    Glad the leprechauns made an appearance at your place.

  15. This brings back memories of my mission and how my trainer gave me a ‘green’ feed when I arrived to my first area. It’s a tradition to give the greenie missionary green food and I got green pancakes, and I didn’t even have to steal them.

  16. very cute kids! green pancakes?!? what a great momma you are!