Must. Talk. About. Television.

I stayed up so late watching two-hour show after two-hour show that when I finally went to bed, my husband took one look and yelled, “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!”

The Biggest Loser. All I can say is that the Blue Team deserves to lose all their challenges. They keep sending home the young bucks and keeping old I-Have-Bad-Knees Ron. Why is he still there??? Over half of their team is practically retired, of course they’re going to lose the challenges.

The black team won 24 hours of luxury and ate it up, then the contestants blamed their trainer on the scales. Come on people, take a little responsibility.

And if you ever find yourself on TBL, please don’t get attached to your trainer. Eventually you’re going home regardless, you might as well sever the ties now and focus on the act of skinniness, not your new celebrity BFF. It’s just a game, people.

American Idol. I thought Lil Rounds did terrible. Adam is freaky amazing, but sometimes he’s so intense and beyond that I kind of think he should go join the circus.

I love the little newlywed who played the guitar, but I felt some serious sympathy for his poor little wife. If Jason was up there and I was in the audience watching girls melt over him, I would be running around with a fire extinguisher. But I’m kind of insanely jealous. Let’s hope she isn’t.

Now, I’ve been an Alexis Grace fan these past few weeks, but hello skank, you have a child. And Megan? Atrocious. Simply awful. “Rockin Robin”? On Michael Jackson night? And the little “tweet tweet” at the end actually made me put a pillow over my face to muffle the scream of horror. My loyalty only goes so far.

But as for you, Danny Gokey, I don’t even care that you looked like my five-year-old when you danced, love ya babe.

And as for DWTS, I am in way over my head with television right now and so I deleted it without even watching, and canceled any future recordings. I’m checking out of that one. My DVR can only hold so much crap.


  1. I have to agree with you on BTL I do not feel sorry for the Blue team at all. Ron should of went home and left Mandi there. THanks for making me smile today

  2. So agree with you on American Idol. And Judge Cara is driving me up the wall. do they really need her? The only place I see Adam is the lead singer of a Poison tribute band! GAAHHH he’s driving me insane!

  3. Thanks for the recap – we recently gave up DVR for Lent so I missed everything this week. I looooove Danny too. He’s definitely my kind of Idol.

  4. Mmkay—I used to like Ron. When did he become so freakinly selfish? And what’s with the fact that he isn’t even up for discussion for elimination? And really-I liked the Tongans before they got all emotional and lame. It looks like Kristin is my only hope right now.

    Also, I wouldn’t eliminate DWTS if I were you. Granted, I don’t watch AI so what do I know? But seriously, I think this’ll be a good season…

  5. “My DVR can only hold so much crap”
    So true!
    I’m so glad Mandi went home. What a baby. Too much blubbering. And my opinion of Filipe is going downhill fast. What a baby. What was that all about?!
    Thanks for the recap on AI. It’s sitting in the DVR waiting for an audience.
    There’s only so much crap we can watch in one night.

  6. I agree with your AI summary, except for I liked Megan’s voice on Rockin’ Robyn…I just didn’t really like that SONG choice, but she sounded great to me.

    Maybe my tv speakers are out!

    But I LOVE Adam! 🙂

  7. “tweet-tweet”

    Actually it was “CAW-CAW.” I know this because when she did it I had to rewind it and watch that part again. Three times. CAW. Her voice isn’t bad, but that song was – CAW! CAW!

    Jorge and Anoop were horrible. Loved Allison. Loved Kris, even though he was a little flat throughout. Loved the death glare his wife gave Simon.

  8. Gokey is my new favourite. I thought Adam Lambert was so overdone and ridiculous. Chris Allen with the guitar, just didn’t work… he’s gonna be eliminated for sure. A pretty face ain’t gonna help him out now.

  9. Watching TV gets to be really hard——-NOT enough hours and I can’t keep staying up late to catch up. I don’t know how to fit all things in any more. I’M STRESSED. (whew, glad I got that out) I love Danny Gokey—–and .

  10. I didn’t really finish that last sentence did I ——See how Stressed I am. I really don’t know what else I was going to say (ha ha ha )

  11. Thanks for the quick update. I used to watch all of these shows but I have had to stop because I was spending all of my weekends watching the shows I had to record because I work every weeknight. I totally voted for AI and DWTS the first few seasons. I know I’m totally a geek.

  12. Did you know that Adam used to be the understudy for Fiero in Wicked. Now that I know that, it is all I can see him as, when he sings.

    I agree you gotta love Danny.

    And I too have given up DWTS. There is only so much time available to watch TV.

    Good, better, best. Right?

  13. I kept hoping someone was going to tell me what DWTS is, because I haven’t figured it out. And now I wish I hadn’t read at all, because I don’t have DVR, so I watch on-line and am a week behind you all, and they left me hanging to see if Mike lost 10 pounds so they could all stay!!!
    And I liked Mandi, why did they send her home? Can’t be all the blubbering. I can guarantee you that if I was away from my family that long I would be much worse. She was starting to look SOOO good. That must be why they eliminated her.

  14. So this is my first time at your blog, and I just had to say that cutting DWTS was probably a good choice. I decided not to watch it this season after the first episode left me a little deflated. Approximately 50% of the contestants are total skanks: playboy bunny, nude actor, the dude who stars in “Jackass” and is currently going through drug rehab, and the rap chick who dedicated her performance to her peeps at the Federal Detention Center???… I was sad, but knew I’d spend a lot of the season feeling annoyed, so I dropped it from DVR. But I’m loving Idol this season, so that kind of makes up for it.

  15. The “Rockin’-Robin” gal was more like, “KAAWWW, KAAWWWW!” at the end. I HATED it. I was embarrassed for her. And I can’t stop staring at her tattooed arm. It’s a freakin’ sleeve that is way too ugly to show. But that’s just my opinion….and I’m sticking to it. 🙂