When life hands you crusty bread, make bread pudding.

What is it about dieting that makes me crave bread pudding?

I’ve had a few lax weeks, enjoying the finer P’s in life (pancakes, pizza, pasta), and the scale is telling me about it (three pounds, yikes). So this past week I’ve carefully cut out those insulin-resistant inducing treats and traded them in for some good old salad, salami, and smoked salmon (okay, I don’t really eat smoked salmon, but I would if I could afford it. And I like the iliteration).

But yesterday was Fast Sunday, which meant that by nine am I was STARVING for carbs. Beautiful fluffy, empty carbs. Carbs that love you so much, they’ll hang around for a while to keep you company. They don’t really turn into fat, no siree, they turn into comfort cells that snuggle you when you’re down. I needed those carbs.

It just so happens that I’ve been conveniently saving the backside of my last few loaves of homemade bread, knowing that they’d come in handy for “something”.

Yeah, something like bread pudding. With homemade sweet bread. And whole milk. And butter. Oh Heavenly days, I’m such a sinner.


  1. I’m not a fan of bread pudding. But I just bought a ton of Skinny Cow ice creams.

  2. But you’re an itty bitty skinny sinner. So it’s all good.

  3. I have had a major sweet tooth this week. Which is HORRIBLE and shocking considering that I just went bathing suit shopping for a family trip and if that doesn’t motivate you to eat right, what will? My siren call has been chocolate though.

  4. I’ve never had bread pudding. Email me your recipe, I would like to try it. Banana pudding though, there’s one I’ll take!

  5. I find that carbs are the things I crave when watching the Biggest Loser. That’s kind of contrary to the point, no?

    PS-when we have out BL party, are you gonna tell me about this salami thing you have going on?

  6. ooooh I totally get you! Have you noticed carbs can go either way, carbohydrates and carbonation…my kryptonite.

  7. Annette’s comment made me laugh.

    I just ate an entire loaf of Great Harvest Bread.

    If that makes you feel any better.

  8. My husband is also a bread pudding junkie but I only make it for special occasions. I have to fight the urge for Cool Ranch Doritos. How ridiculous.

  9. Bread pudding = my grandma’s house, curled up in front of a fire and having a great conversation.

    Bread pudding = heaven.

    No sinning here, girlie. Eat away. (And send me some.)

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  11. annie valentine says:

    Apparently I’m the only person in my family who likes bread pudding. Me + a 13×9 inch pan = carb overload.

  12. My kryptonite is twix. I get the little mini bars and have 2 every night after dinner. That way I feel like I am REALLY cheating!

  13. Michelle says:

    I’m on day two of phase 1 of the South Beach diet. Your size 2 dress was my motivation. Don’t give up on me now!
    Oh, and please quit talking about food on your blog. I am on-line trying to distract myself from those carbs in the Kitchen that won’t quit calling my name!!!!

  14. How was your bread pudding? I’ve been making kettle corn a lot lately. Would that be a carb or a veggie or a grain? Hmmm…