And the Bad Hair Night award goes to American Idol

Here I am, all determined to keep my American Idol thoughts to myself, and they go and present the worst hair night in television history.

Poor Blind Scott. I would take his soppy old hair cut over his neo-90210 do anyday. He looked like a blind Jason Priesly without the chops. Here’s the thing: you want to introduce a new fad in hair styles? DON’T DO IT ON THE BLIND GUY.

And Bright Pink girl, your vocals were insane, but all I could do was stare at that nest on top of your head, wondering if you were going to finish your song before the birdies flew back. And speaking of birdies, we realized last night (thank you Camille) that Adam Lambert has missed his calling in life: He is Conrad Birdie reincarnate (minus the attraction to women).

And can’t we all agree that Lil Rounds should avoid lycra in general? And singing in public? So should Megan. She actually gets worse every single night. Either Megan or Anoop earned a free pass home last night. Apparently, spoiled rotten only-child Anoop has never heard a personal criticism in his entire life. Watching Simon dish it out to him, I kind of thought Anoop might take that chain and choke him to death, we’re lucky Ryan Seacrest was there to protect Simon.

On a positive note, at least Paula wasn’t drunk (at first. We all know she’s got more than coke in that cup of hers).


  1. I’ve never followed American Idol until this season and only briefly. All I have to say is that Adam’s pompadour is not doing it for me. Well, that and the alternating hair “eye-patch.”

  2. Oh man! I should have DVR’d it so I could relate this week! (We just got DVR, it’s fantastic!)

  3. I just giggled at Scott’s hair. At least HE couldn’t see it.

    I hope Megan goes, but I’m afraid she’s got a deaf fanbase that keeps voting for her.

  4. I totally agree with all of it. Adam. What the what. And everytime I look at him, I can’t stop thinking that he was the Fiero understudy in Wicked. I can totally see it.

  5. Ok, I totally agree! I HATED Scott’s hair. It was so horrible, I had said that the afro puff had to go and my Dad said oh look they calmed it a bit! HORRIBLE! Megan, she is really getting worse every week and Anoop’s song was terrible. Actually one of the worst nights I’ve watched! I do love Allison’s voice but last night her hair was horrific. It’ll be fun to see who goes tonight!

  6. I think you also forgot to comment on Scott’s chest hair. I was thinking “That poor guy, he can’t even see what they have done to him!”.

  7. REALLY! I agreaa with everything stated. It was a fun night

  8. Awwww, I want pictures. We don’t get the show here and I want to poke fun of everyone too!

  9. Okay, Brazil called for it and I’ll post them ASAP.

  10. I have to agree too. Although I am a SUCKER for Adam! He is just so intriguing to me. And Please Megan, go HOME!

  11. Oh Allison, the hair was bad and that dress? ew. I told my husband she looked like a pink christmas tree with strings of popcorn around her neck. Everything you said was too true. Although, you left out Adam’s annoying habit of singing with his tongue sticking out. blech. It sorta makes it look like he’s gagging. Lil looked like her bum had tape to hold it up. She looked good from the front, but they kept panning out from her rear end, not a good move Idol! I think that girl is ALWAYS out of tune, why don’t the judges hear that?

  12. I stopped watching after the season with Sanjaya, but I’m thinking he would have fit right in?

  13. Uh, Danny Gokey’s nice. I’m sticking with not having anything else nice to say so not saying it all rule.

  14. I am NOT liking this season…but yet I keep watching. Almost everyone is so annoying and “forgettable”, as Simon would say.

  15. I liked how Simon (or was it Randy) called her the wrong name. CLASSIC!

  16. You’re right on the money here. . .I think they should get rid of KARA and have you on the show. That would be so GREAT!