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#3 Bride of Frankenstein


Veronica took my head shots this week. Look at the first two compared to the third photo. See what I mean? She can make an average crazy lady look like a professional crazy lady. Impressive.

And do you see all those laugh lines around my eyes, or that big zit on the left side of my upper lip? No? Me neither. How about the the river system of veins running through my sleep-deprived blood shot eyes, or the scar on the side of my nose? Of course you don’t. Why? Because Veronica is kind of magical.

So, I have posted these photos because at the moment, they are the three top contenders for my new newspaper smug (small mug shot). I NEED YOU TO VOTE.

Please, if you could just pick one and vote in the comment box, I would really appreciate it. The people close to me have differing opinions and I don’t trust any of them (Jen likes the third one best. I think she’s biased because she took it).

And if you don’t know me personally, even better. That way I’ll know that you are being completely honest because I don’t actually matter in your life.

Think of that show on TLC, where the poor under-accessorized person stands in a glass box while strangers off the street guess their age. This is kind of like that show (except I don’t want you to guess my age unless you’re going to guess somewhere between 24-27).

Do me a favor and pick a pic.


  1. The third one.

    Because you look so happy and every time you drink out of the mug you will remember the brilliant moment of the photograph and you will smile.

    Not that the other 2 aren’t absolutely gorgeous!

    But seriously, go with the happy memory 🙂

  2. love Black!

    lovely smile in both and beautiful eyes!!! annie!!!

  3. Love the first one. And by love, I mean hate, because it looks like you are a blonde Snow White with perfect skin and teeth, and it makes me feel bad about myself. Thanks.

  4. I love the first one, where you are wearing the black! You look gorgeous!

  5. I like the first one, but both are great:)

  6. The black one. Purple is okay, but the focus seems to me, to be more on the top of your head and your hair…

  7. top one is tops with me.

  8. I’m a newbie to your blog; so I am still “getting to know you”. That said, the black is by favorite! Very pretty.

  9. Yep, black. What’s the old saying about never going back?

  10. I like the first one. And wow, those are some seriously blue eyes!
    The third is pretty hot tho… 🙂

  11. I choose the black shirted picture. And if I had to guess your age, I would honestly say 25.

  12. annie valentine says:

    Kristina, you too can have the pretend Snow White complexion. Just call Veronica.

  13. Definately the first one!

  14. I guess I’m the only one that prefers the purple. I am partial to purple anyway, but I like the punch of color. Will it be in color in print? They are both great, maybe I just felt purple deserved one vote.

  15. Black. Now I’m going to see what everyone else said. We are in agreement. (except for Miss M, and you have to throw out someone’s vote…)

    I think the black one will translate better in B&W too.


  16. first one. not because of color but because i like the composition better. i like the tilt of your head.

  17. I like the black one too.

    Although you might be more relatable as the bride of frankenstein…

  18. Oops, I just commented as my husband – – have I ever done that on your blog? I swear I haven’t. RIGHT?! Just nod your head, mmkay.

    Oh yeah, this is Melissa.

  19. Black

  20. The first one!

  21. Brittany Burton says:


  22. Brittany Burton says:

    Your hair looks too bouffant on the second one.

  23. I like the black one.

  24. I like the top one for a smug because it is a little closer, which will be better for a small shot. If it were a book jacket, I’d pick the purple one.

    They are both kind of bugging me how your hair is focused in some places and hazy in others, but that won’t matter in a smug anyway, will it?

  25. This is my first time ever reading your blog, and I must say, what a first impression!!! 😉

    I like the top one. Can’t wait to read more.

  26. Purple.

  27. I vote black, the angle and tilt of your head is more flattering.

  28. PURPLE!!!
    And how did your hair grow so fast? Are you still taking prenatal vitamins?

  29. I am de-lurking to say definitely the first one. The angle is more flattering.

  30. I think the first one is more professional looking for a newspaper column. But both are gorgeous!

  31. I say the first one, and I’m wondering what you were thinking in the second, there is a peculiar look in your eye like you might turn into the crazy lady in #3 any moment, lol. It’s still beautiful, of course!

  32. annie valentine says:

    For the record, people, I agree whole-heartedly on the first one. Jason loves the second one so I had to put it to a vote so he didn’t think I was bagging his opinion.

  33. Cute! The Black one is beautiful…your eyes! Very pretty! Still want to do some pics for your little June Bug 🙂 let me know, yeah? 🙂

  34. i love both, but would probably choose the black. I tend to love blonds in black 🙂

  35. I love the third one! Surprised? Yeah, I didn’t think so.
    Not that it needs another vote but go with the first one, you look HOT!!!

  36. Gedicks Family says:

    The purple looks better with your skin, but the black photo is better.

  37. I say black. But purple is very nice too.

  38. I’ve wondered what your extensions look like. That black is better. Maybe Jason has memories attached to that shirt? But the black is more professional. Your smile is nice in the second one though. Um, I like the third one, but not for a professional shot. That is one I’d hang in the house. Or expect my kids to hang when they are teenagers and I pull out the naked pictures.

  39. Um, I think small mug shot translates into SMUT. hehehehehe

    I choose the black! So pretty!

  40. I like the black one too. You look very lovely in both. I want to hire Veronica to magic me up!

  41. I know everyone is saying black, but I like the purple best.

    Instead of leaving two comments, I’m just going to tack an LOL! here for The White Witch post. Because I really did LOL.

  42. Black is classic. Purple will look dated. Go with classy black. It never goes out of style. Ask any New Yorker.

  43. the black. your eyes look amazing and a gorgeous photo all around.

  44. I think your eyes look amazing in every picture but my favorite is the purple picture. You smile in that one is stunning.

  45. Why in the world did you even have to post this question? You know you look smashing in black — was this just a chance to gloat about having Veronica make you look semi-angelic? Yep, T & I both vote for black. Oh! and I want to know what scheme you’re going to run to pay for this photo shoot!?

  46. The first one. They are both good, but I like the first one best.

  47. First one. But you are beyond lovely in all of them. Truly.

  48. Gee whiz – I’ve never felt so dissed in my life! THE THIRD ONE PEOPLE!!!

    You need to show the world the real you!

    (and then I could claim myself to be a syndicated photographer…)

  49. I actually liked the purple one, but then caved to peer pressure and changed my mind to the black, but then I felt empathy for Jen and changed to the third. Did I mention I am decionally challenged?

  50. I don’t think I spelled decisionally correctly, but it is probably a made up word, so maybe it is OK to mispell it.

  51. I think you look best in the black one. The purple one looks more like you though. Mike says go for the third one! My vote is black.

  52. Like the black one the best. You are GORGEOUS…and your blue eyes are really pretty in the pics.

  53. First one…the black makes your eyes pop! You are gorgeous in both! But the first is a GREAT head shot!

  54. Kim Haynes says:

    I like the first one and if you think the third one is bad you should see me in the morning. It doesn’t get much better after the makeup, and if want to talk lines , I can show you a few hundred just on my face. Your young enjoy it while you can.

  55. Black one. It brings out your eyes. And you are a YOUNGIN! Lucky you. Cute pics Annie.

  56. BLACK. It’s nicely cropped. I’d rather see more of your face, less hair & shirt. Tho’ you’re beautiful either way, darling!

  57. Sheesh! EVERYONE’s saying black! I really like the softness of that one, but I think you see a tad more personality in the purple one, and the shape of your face and your curls. I’m so glad I read through the comments and found that your husband likes it, too. 🙂

  58. Catherine says:


  59. I go for BLACK. that is a freaking awesome photo of you. What great eyes. You look like Allyson Krauss (the blue grass singer)

  60. Michelle says:

    O.K. I have to vote again because I like the purple! I think you look like more of a journalist in the purple photo.
    But if you go with black, use the purple one for the inside jacket of your book. (You are writing a book, right? Because I’ve heard you say you were working on your “manuscript” before, and I didn’t think it was your column. Please say yes, because I need things to look forward to in my life!)

  61. I like the one you have now best. But if you must change it, I like the one in black the best!

  62. I like the 1st one . . . . it makes your eyes look so pretty! Very nice Annie!

  63. Yum. But yeah, the top one made me go “OH DANG what a hottie!” The second made me think “ooo, big hair” and the 3rd made me think “Now THAT’S why I like her :)”

  64. I like the first one. I love how your eyes pop out! 🙂

  65. that was my comment above…and my vote still stands!

  66. You are so beautiful.

    Stop it.

  67. Okay, Annie. Purple is my favorite color but my fave pic is the BLACK! It’s a bigger contrast to the amazing blue eyes of yours and they just sorta “pop” more. Or something.

  68. I say BLACK. I love the purple color you are wearing, but your black one looks a tad bit more youthful and trendy. And even though you are not slouching, the black one deletes any thoughts of a “slouched” picture. Does that help? I hope I wasn’t too harsh. It was a tough call. But after looking at both for a while and going back and forth, I think BLACK is the one. 🙂

    love, Rachel

  69. Black. Although the bride of Frankenstein is a close 2nd.

  70. Beautiful pictures!!! It’s hard to choose…but I think black is best.

  71. Black, but your eyes are gorgeous in both. . .WOW! I think the black is more proffesional looking and the purple is cute. Depends what you’re going for I guess. . . Did I mis-spell proffesional? And mis-spell? I’d better go put on my purple shirt.

  72. I like the black on best. The last one would be good for the Halloween column.:)

  73. Black…although both are beautiful.

  74. First one.

  75. I’m annoyed that you’re gorgeous…but the purple one is my favorite…well actually the last one is..but I’m thinking the publicity dept might be put off with too much reality lol