Father Adam?

American Idol. The deal is done, the votes are cast, and so we wait.

Now that my opinion doesn’t matter, I have a thing to say about why I think Adam Lambert should win this contest (if you could call it that).

1. The man can sustain a note longer than it takes me to fold a load of whites.

2. To heck with trench coats, he could sing in mismatched sweats from the Goodwill and still rock the house.

3. He seems to have decided to be a man and it suits him (versus a unisex creature from the universe with a vocal range that could go both ways).

I once heard a literary agent say that you can always tell a great character by how people in the office react to it; they either love it or they hate it. That is Adam Lambert. I don’t think there’s a soul alive that wouldn’t give Kris his dues, he’s got a great voice and is creative and talented.

But Adam? It’s amazing how many silly things I’ve read about him, faults that people create because let’s face it: his future is so flooded with absolute success that it’s almost frightening. He’s the natural overdog, the king reincarnate, he spills over with untempered and untapped talent and charisma every time he opens his mouth.

And so despite all the people who don’t like him for whatever their reasons, I say he is greatness, the kind that only comes along every eight or nine seasons. The kind of greatness that is both appealing and repelling to those who come in contact with him.

And did I mention that I’m almost related to him? That’s right. I recently found out that he’s the cousin of an old friend of mine from Elma. Since Elma is so small, and most people assume we’re all related anyway, that makes him almost my cousin.

So here’s hoping Cousin Adam wins it big tonight. Not like it matters, the powers that be see him for what he is. Kind of freaking awesome.


  1. umm…I have to agree, I like Kris, but Adam will sell more cd’s. What was up with that last song though, not even Adam could make it sounds decent.

    p.s. don’t want to brag or anything, but I’m sort of related to Napoleon. VIVE LA FRANCE (and short men, hell bent on conquering the world)

  2. I voted for Kris. I think Adam’s got great talent, but I decided to vote based on who I would be most likely to buy a CD from and rip it into my ipod and listen to on a regular basis. For me, it was Kris. But I have to agree that Adam will go far, and he deserves it.

  3. I don’t follow American Idol but I hope that you’re happy with the results of the win. =]

  4. Adam Lambert is…. deliciously naughty. I love him!!! But I almost cried when he chopped up the lyrics to “Cryin'” so bad… what was up with that?!?!?! He could’ve rocked that beyond the sun but instead I found myself waiting for it to be over. The ONLY time I’ve ever thought that about him, though.

    GO ADAM!!!

  5. It’s totally Adam! Adam, Adam, Adam! I’ma fan if you couldn’t tell!

  6. Michelle says:

    O.K. let’s switch gears to a show I actually watch, and if you already blogged about it, I guess I missed it.
    TBL- O.K. who saw Helen coming in to take it all?
    I did. The moment she walked on stage at the finale. Totally emaciated looking! And down to 117!?!
    Let’s face it. Tara, you might not have won- but you look way better.
    (Do you think the first thing Helen will do with her money is get one of those surgeries to remove the sags on her upper arms?) and no disrespect- I like Helen. But she got too skinny too fast.
    Not me, I plan on taking, like 10 years.

  7. WELL, that was a shocker! I’m actually quite pleased. Kris seemed truly shocked and humbled, and Adam is a gracious 2nd placer!

  8. I’m sorry that Kris won then. 😉

  9. i was days behind on your blog, i’m all caught up now…”a word about annie,” you’re awesome. i love reading about anything you write about. i hope rex is better. i hope june bug improves 🙂 i hope you are not sunburnt. i hope you had a fabulous/not-so-guilt-ridden trip to florida. i have not been watching american idol this season, but adam sounds fabulous…

  10. annie valentine says:

    Adam is lucky. Now he can strike whatever deal he wants with whatever company he chooses, Fox aside.

    And wasn’t Kris darling? His poor wife. I give them six months.