Earth shattering. B

Yesterday was epic. My baby sis-in-law got married on the day Michael Jackson died.

I am so overwhelmed by all these earth-rocking events that I kind of need to sit down. No, that’s not good enough. I need a vacation. A weekend escape from the melee of personal and universal news that will forever change my life.

Congratulations, Hayley and Jake, may your forever be as good as mine (and that’s really saying something). But let’s face it, there are other things to talk about here. We’ve got a wedding and a funeral all tied up in one big monumental knot.

I mean, I never even saw him in concert. It would have been a Thriller, I don’t care if he’s Black or White (or both). I mean, I know some people thought he was Bad (and you should never listen to a word that Billie Jean says about anyone), but I can’t help it. I always liked him. Even when he got uncomfortable with The Man in the Mirror and had all that freaky Peter Pan/Elizabeth Taylor plastic surgery, I still liked him.

(BTW, I have a theory that he was not a pedophile, he just wanted to be Peter Pan in real life. Creepy? Yes. Sexually creepy? I don’t think so.)

There are only three people on the planet I want to see in concert and he was one of them. I’ve already seen Neil Diamond, and I’m just waiting for Garth to make his Big Comeback Concert Tour, but a little part of my rhythm died when I realized that I’ll never see Michael live on stage. The kids and I listen to his music regularly; talk about not being able to make your pelvis behave. His beats are worthy of my kitchen tape player.

So on this day of national mourning (and family celebration), I add my voice to the millions of fans out there. Michael, may you moon walk your way through those pearly gates and forever find your spot in that big Heavenly chorus in the sky.

Oh, and yay Hayley and Jake!


  1. It’s a sad day, but honestly, I’M not sad. I think it’s because he hasn’t been cool, amazing Michael for a long time.

  2. It was my husband’s birthday yesterday too! I was all “um honey, Michael Jackson died ON YOUR BIRTHDAY!” I’m a little scared that I’m going to die on his birthday too because if the most legendary people die on his birthday, then I must too right?

    (I love old Michael Jackson, but I’m not too sad, because I still get to listen to his music. Yay!)

  3. The thing I’m sad about the most is that a person died, a person who brought a lot of joy through music, and that when he died, the world believed the worst of him. Whether he deserves it or not, I still believe that everyone deserves to leave a beautiful legacy. I think he’s done that in many ways. That is how I’ll choose to remember him.

  4. I hope I don’t offend the bloggy world out there when I say…he just was too out there for me. I don’t have childhood memories of listening to his music because growing up it was either classical or muzak. His music really doesn’t touch a chord with me. So I started to get acquainted with him was when I’d see how he would sleep in some sort of a chamber, his pet monkey, his nose jobs, his Neverland ranch, his hanging his children out the window, his having to sale his fortune to pay debts that he had incurred…in the end looking at it all now, the last couple of years he’s looked really depressed. He had everything that anyone could ever dream of, but in the end he looked very alone.

  5. I think he was an awesome singer. He was sooo talented. But his off the stage life was too weird for me.
    That said, I have most of his songs on my iPod. And they are played LOTS!
    He was suppose to go back in concert soon.
    bum deal.

  6. I’m all kinds of jealous that you’ve seen Neil Diamond in concert! Ooh-and when Garth comes, I’ll totally go to that class with you.

  7. Incredibly talented? Yes. Sexually creepy? Another yes. The clincher for me is the interview he did while holding the young boy’s hand and saying it’s okay to sleep with kids. Sorry, but that yikes me out. Whether he legitimately was a pedophile… I don’t know. But I do know that he was a disturbed person.

  8. I confess too, I LOVED to watch Michael Jackson’s thriller. I loved the moves he “introduced” into the musical world. And I really did like some of his earlier music, I think I was even made fun of because I did.
    If Garth makes a comeback and does another concert, YOU BETTER INVITE ME A LONG. I was privileged to go to one of his concerts, but it was 17 years ago, and the night before my mother passed away. I would love to go again and not have all the emotional ties.