Run Harry, Run!

Our six-year-old son wants to be a runner. Check out this week’s column¬†for some serious marathon-worthy determination.


  1. That is such a wonderful story! I can’t believe your little boy did that, I don’t even think I can run 1 mile!

  2. I am so glad that you nurtured that spark in him! Just knowing that his parents care does much for a child. I know from my own experiences.

  3. Hey, Harrison- I just got new running shoes too! I guess I need to run as much as possible till the magic wears off! Way to go kiddo!

  4. Darling, darling post…it gets better, Annie. I cry when my daughters give Relief Society lesson, Gospel Doctrine class, or your fire captain son saves a young girls life or helps a mother deliver a baby. sigh…”joy in your posterity”

    And then there’s the 15 grandchild that are all geniuses! lymi

  5. I’m so glad that you both let him run with his dad. Not only did he get to spend quality time with his dad but you both showed him how much you believe in him and support him. Way to be awesome parents!!!

  6. I love Harrison!! That is the sweetest story! Tell Harrison I’m popping in a workout video right now because of his inspiration!

  7. Seriously this brought a tear to my eye! Not just because its completely sweet and awesome, but that your son can run farther than me… waaaah

  8. Annie, you’re my hero.

  9. Annie, you’re my hero.

    So’s Harry.