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In celebration of my first Regarding Annie blogversary (which was actually a month ago, but who counts that kind of stuff?), I am giving my blog a mini-makeover.

To be honest, I’ve been scrutinizing blogs for the past year, trying to find a graphic artist that was the right fit for us. I’m not particularly cartoony or scrapbooky, and I like the idea of a real life, totally doctored picture. (Since I go to great lengths to doctor myself up in real life, I thought I should stay true to form on the blog.)

Enter Visible Voice.

I found this amazing girl’s blog a few months ago and finally decided to just go ahead and ask if she’d be willing to work with me. She’s brilliant and wonderful, her background is in Interactive Multimedia Graphic Design and she’s just getting started professionally.

But her story is WAY more interesting than a simple graphic design bio.

Kristi lives in a faraway land that you never knew existed. Literally, the girl is hunkering down in a compound out in the bush, completely isolated from movies, malls, McDonald’s, Mormons–she doesn’t even have a grocery store. They have to take an hour plane ride just to find civilization, and most of her gear is ordered in.

She’s the only mom and her son is the only kid. The internet is her one link to the real world, so any love (or care packages) you can give her is kind of awesome.

And so, with no further adeau, I would like to offer up my New Banner Makeover options. She did exactly what I wanted, three times. That’s right, I can’t decide from one minute to the next which one to choose, because Kristi is so ridiculously talented.

Have a looksee and let me know what you think. I’dĀ  love your opinion.

(And go visit Kristi over at Visible Voice when you get a second. Totally worth it.)








  1. I’m partial to the first.

  2. The first without a doubt!

  3. I love number 1!

  4. I’m torn between the second and the third. Torn I tell you. I love the circles and the black and white of it all on the third but something draws me to the second one as well. So I’m obviously no help at all.

  5. I also like the first best.

  6. Me likey the black and white one on the bottom. Very nice. I like the clean graphics of the text.

  7. I love the first one! The only complaint I have is that my picture is not there too. Get on that will you?

  8. I like the third.

  9. I like the first one.

  10. #3.

  11. I like all of them, but I think I like the first the most. But just so the other two don’t feel like losers, you could rotate through all three of them. Just keep one up for a few weeks and then change to the next one. That’s what I’d do. (But I can’t ever make up my mind.)

  12. Okay, so I really like #2 best, design-wise. Love the typography in it especially.

    I love the picture in the first the best.

    And I am loving the third for it’s black and whiteness. Not a fan of the sepia. But that’s just a personal issue.

    And I am no help.

  13. I like #1 also. I like that picture of you, plus the fun graphics. =]

  14. One or two!

  15. I won’t be of much help because I like them all.

  16. Kristi is truly a wonderful woman, mother and unknown. Glad you were able to profile her achievements. Annie I too like number 1.

  17. i love Kristi!! šŸ™‚ I pick #1!

  18. #1 all day long! It’s grrrrreat!

  19. #2!

  20. The first one really grabbed me!

  21. Riddle Girl says:

    I like #1 the best!

  22. #1

  23. I think I like the color of #3 best—but overall #2. But you’re right, they’re all great:)

  24. For me it’s the 3rd one … much more simple and eye catching and that is what I’m all about on blogs!

    Happy blog birthday! xx

  25. I have to say I like them all! But the 1st one is probably my favorite! Great job Kristi!!!

  26. FIRST!!

  27. Love no.1

  28. It’s the third for me!

  29. I would have to vote and say the first one.. and then the 3rd…
    And yes, we love Kristi…

  30. Chantelle says:

    Kristi is the best, I am glad that I know her. I like the first one.

  31. #1! where is this far off place she lives?

  32. Sonia Crawford says:

    I read your page often, but don’t usually comment, but I like the first one the best.

  33. Catherine says:

    1 or 3

  34. Great job Kristi!!! FYI Kristi is my BFF and she really is super awesome! Perhaps one day will all get to meet in the really world. Until then I guess will have to settle for blog world. My vote is for #1. Good luck deciding.

  35. I like all three! (How’s that for helpful?) And now I think I’ll be looking through her site…

  36. #1 or #3. On #2, I had to think too hard to figure out what the picture was of, and I don’t always like to think…..but, they’re all lovely.

  37. I’m for one or three. The text is clearer in the third, so maybe I’ll say three. I’ll also take this occasion to say both happy blogiversary AND happy birthday! (since I don’t mean to enter your birthday giveaway, living around the world and all). Hope you have a great one!

  38. Very tough. But I think I’m gonna go with number three.

  39. I vote for #1. Kristi is totally fab!!!

  40. It’s me Visible Voice! Thanks for all your nice comments! Just thought I’d put my vote in here and I loved the first one. šŸ˜‰

  41. I like the layout with the angle of the photo in #1, but I like how the tagline is easier to read on #3. Number 2 covers you up too much.

  42. Numero 3
    very chic, I love circles, and You can still see your goreous face.

  43. i vote #3

  44. I absolutely love #1