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Let’s change topics.

I finally watched The Biggest Loser yesterday. Holy fat cow, Mo is totally right: Tracy has supernatural powers.

Do you realize that not only has she managed to retain power in this game (despite everyone hating her chubby guts), but she’s losing an impressive amount of weight without even hitting the gym? I swear, if I didn’t know better I’d think that girl was regurgitating her Caesar salads.

And it goes even further than that. Not only does the wheel of fortune have Tracy’s name written all over it’s black and blue face, but she has the power to make her mortal enemies do her bidding. Seriously impressive.

Take Liz for instance. Tracy spun the game wheel, complete with about 50 possible options, and on her first try got the one and only golden ticket. That gave her the sole power to divide their group of 12 into two teams, breaking up current allegiances and stacking things in her favor. And come on, who doesn’t love that kind of drama?

Because she’s smart, and because everyone hates her anyway, she busted some teams to smitherines, earning a number of new enemies. Personally, I’m starting to like this girl. I think she’s mostly smart (aside from her inability to say it like it is. She tends to talk out of both sides of her mouth. Example: telling Bob she felt a connection with him instead of just stating the truth–Jillian hates her guts so she’d like to keep a safe distance between them.), and I think she handled the break up rather brilliantly.

Unfortunately, Liz took it personally. She declared that she would do whatever it took to get Tracy out of the game. But when eliminations came around at the end of the week, Tracy used her magical abilities to voodoo Mo into sacrificing himself on her behalf, and did one better by convincing everyone to take him at his word and vote him off. Poor Mo, but go Tracy go.

How impressive is that? I wish she would publicize her dirty power secrets, I bet they’d work wonders on my kids.


  1. Annie- I just LOVE you and your posts! This one is DEAD ON! You just eloquently said what I was trying desperately to explain to my husband. Now I can just send him this link. And on top of that, AMEN SISTA! I think Tracy is all sorts of scary voo-doo creepy, and it intrigues me to see what she has up her sleeve next! She is like a sick addiction for me. I hate her, but I LOVE to hate her… (and I am totally with you on certain previous posts that we are not talking about anymore). 🙂

  2. Even Mo knew he was doomed. He felt the wind of tides changing at the wheel game. Seriously! The lady drives me nuts! Does she have seizures? Her eyes disappear into the top of her head an awful lot!

  3. OH i wanted her gone soo very badly but it is a game and I think everyone else is starting to realize it as well. I wish this show was on 3x a week! LOL I cannot believe that I have missed out on all these seasons, I had no idea this was such a good show! Yes this is my first time watching.

  4. I started watching this show because of you, Annie. I have to DVR it because my family hates it! (then why, oh why, when I am watching my DVR recording do they (my family) come and glue their eyes to it if they HATE it so much???)

    I can’t believe Tracey isn’t a goner right now!

  5. Seriously-I can’t believe she’s still there! And that whole spinning the wheel thing? First time I’ve ever thought BL might not be 100% real…

  6. This is my comment on your last post about talking to the teacher again. I guess you’re not allowing comments on that one.
    I am so sorry for your awful week. Shame on the school for being mad at you for speaking out. You did not say anything rude or inappropriate, simply voicing your feelings and stating your position. I’m glad your kids have a wonderful parent like you.

  7. Excellent article. Well written. Well thought. There was NO aim at individuals, that is clear. Just to the standard public. Too bad some are taking offense. Sounds like apologies need to be made to you, also.

  8. I was going to comment on your article of 10 ways to say your sorry.
    But I’ll just comment here.
    Gosh Dang Annie—–GO AHEAD AND SPEAK YOUR MIND. Great changes have come to this world by women (and men) who dare to speak up and try to make a difference. I am way to passive…….I ADMIRE YOU!!!!
    People often take offense to “the truth” or “change” and it is so sad that they have to be so hateful and dare I say IMMATURE. It should open a forum for discussion.
    Holy freaking crap ——–people annoy me sometimes.
    so speak up————GET LOUD!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and if I didn’t live so stinking far away, I’d drive up and bring you a Dairy Queen Blizzard (they are kinda my weakness right now, especially while they are on sale for $2.99)

  9. I need to watch that show!

  10. I watched her on the show and felt sad for her kids.