Seriously, had.

A few days ago the washer went out in our rental appartment so I got on the local classifieds and found one. It was advertised as nearly new, just one year old, being sold to make room for a nicer model.

We went to pick it up and upon a quick exam, it looked good. I then made mistake #1. We paid cash. The guy wasn’t there, but his cousin took the money and helped load it into the truck. I would have asked to see it in action, but it was conveniently moved to the driveway for “easy access”. Mistake #2.

We got it home, hooked it up, and bam. The thing is smokin’ all over the spin cycle.

So I tried calling the seller today and what do you think I got? That’s right, no number. He’s not there anymore. The cellular customer that I have called is permenantly unavailable and probably out with his cousin (aka dealer), blowing my hundred bucks on pot.

Little does he know that he’s messed with the wrong lady. That’s right, I’m going to send my own personal SWAT team after him to get my cash back. He won’t know what hit him.

(I don’t know if Jason is actually allowed to use his superhuman powers to return appliances, but I’m darn well going to try and make him.)


  1. Yikes! I’m sorry. I just had to buy a washer and dryer…and looked all over ksl, craigslist etc. but in the end just decided to buy a new one so I could make sure I got what I wanted.

  2. Ooooh . . . I’m smokin’ mad on your behalf (like your spin cycle).

    I hope you catch the idiot and get your money back.

    My brother & his wife have recently been scammed by a crook. The irony? The idiot KNEW my brother is a cop. I mean, seriously–if you planned on scamming someone, wouldn’t you pick a better target than a badge?

  3. I am sorry! I think we’ve all had that happen…it’s hard, because I’d like to trust people but then stuff like this happens.

    Good luck kicking his butt!

  4. Grrrrr! Really?!? Why do people have to do that?

    The same thing happened to us. My hubby had lost his job with the economy down-fall, we were trying to sell the house, and moved into an apartment 3 states away. We took our washer and dryer with us, but the apartment didn’t have a gas hook-up. And what did I do? Trying to be thrifty (really had not choice), off to craig’s list I went. Found a dryer, or so I thought. And the seller even offered to deliver it. And of course, we trusted him, didn’t test it, and in the end was out $50 buck-a-roos. It doesn’t sound like much, but went there’s no incoming income on top of the cost of moving…it sure seemed like a lot to us. We tried getting our money back…without success. Needless to say, that was our first experience with craig’s list. Sure left a sour taste in my mouth.

  5. Ack. Just when you think you can trust a person to sell you a cheap appliance…

  6. oooooooohhh that really is a bummer! So sorry!
    Never bought anything from Craigs list before, now I know
    to be cautious.
    p.s. if you’re interested I have a slightly used TV that would love
    a new home, it’s a couple of years old and like brand new. If you’re
    interested come and pick it up in my driveway.
    p.p.s we only take cash and I’ll be happy to load it in your car for you!

  7. ARG. (We are all obligated to begin our comment with some guttural expression of frustration/rage, aren’t we?) That bites. Send in the mounties. I hope you get your money back.

  8. Well that just sucks. I have been had several times as well on purchases (2nd hand stuff) and boy does it make my nostrils flare.

    Hey, I know a guy ——named VINNY
    if you know what I mean

  9. Oh, that’s just RUDE. I would totally have your husband get his super powers on. I can’t believe that! What a dirt bag!

  10. Sick ’em, girl! And YES, I agree, that a girl should get a few perks for having a super hot secret agent husband. Beyond the daily perk of looking at a nice butt.

  11. This happened to me with a CD player. Conveniently there was no where to plug it in at the hand off. Cost less than your washer, but I do feel your pain.

  12. I know someone who knows someone….just sayin!

  13. That really sucks! What is wrong with people? Anyway.. I do hope you are able to find these people and hang them out to dry! Good Luck!

  14. I’d be allllllllll over getting hubby super powers to squash that junk!!!!!!!

  15. It is so frustrating that having a conscious is like winning the lottery, like one in a gizillion (don’t know if it is number but it sounded big).

  16. So what happened?