Did someone say television appearance?

So I’m going to be on television.


Our local NBC affiliate, KSL, has the greatest local morning show called Studio 5. Their host/producer, Brooke Walker (who is the cutest girl ever, man I would kill for her teeth), called me this week and asked if I’d be part of a writing segment they’re doing next Thursday.

Of course, it’s not like I called them and begged to be on television or anything. I mean, I haven’t been emailing the producers for the past two (three?) months with all sorts of off-the-wall ideas, just to get a little camera time. Not me. Never. We all know how much I hate that kind of attention.

(We also know I’m a liar.)

The biggest and most important question here is obvious: what am I going to wear? I’ve been doing a little research, just to see if I could find a good celebrity role model.

First, there’s always Kat Von D, a classy dame if ever there was one.

And in case you aren’t interested in the real tattoo version of Kat Von D, there’s always those tattoo nylons (one size fits most).

I know the tattooed look would definitely draw some attention here in Utah, but that skirt just a titch too short. Perhaps it would be more appropriate if I chose a modest, timeless look. Like the following.

Nothing says Relief Society like a nice pair of mom jeans.

Who really cares how my clothes look? The important thing is that I get to wear my new sequined stilettos on television, and we all know that shoes make the girl. (Of course, we won’t mention what those shoes might say about the girl.)

So, if you live in the greater Salt Lake area or have really good rabbit ears and can tune in to KSL’s television program, mark your calendar for next Thursday. Because seriously, this is going to be way too much fun.

For more info on the show (because they saved me last night at the dinner table with yesterday’s recipe) check out their website and set your DVR to record every morning at eleven am. Or you could always switch over from Nick Jr. and watch it live, it’s really your choice.


  1. That is crazy! So cool. Are you going to be on every morning 11am? Or just next Thursday for right now? Can you record and send home to us? I’d love to see it.

  2. Cool! I love seeing bloggers on TV. Can’t wait to watch!

  3. Annie, I am so excited for you! I’ve been wondering when you were going to actually get on the air. I will definitely be setting my DVR to record you. Your adorableness will make everyone on set infinitely jealous.

  4. I am SO excited!! I’ll be sure to make a note of it.

  5. Woohoo! Congratulations!

  6. How exciting—I can’t wait to watch. But perhaps you could tell me what time? I may have to record it…what with my whole job thing. Stupid real life.

    Speaking of stupid, I think you should wear a stupid Twilight t-shirt:)

  7. That’s awesome!!!! And just having you mentioning ‘mom jeans’ cracks me up.

  8. Your other option is to gain a hundred pounds and sport the shorts-and-t-shirt look we see coming out from behind Classy Kat – but you MUST also apply the elegant calf-tattoo. You’re welcome.

  9. Congratulations, Annie! You can be sure I’ll watch you in all your gorgeous-haired-glory. (Because let’s face it, you’re a hottie.)

  10. Squeee! Let us know exactly when you’ll be on so we can TiVo it and watch you in all your glory. (I’m currently pestering them to let me on with my upcoming book. Feel free to put a bug in Brooke’s ear about the deployment novel thing. :D)

  11. New blog look, new TV show…this looks like the year of Annie. I’ll certainly watch and I’ll round up the girls of Farr West to watch too. We’re rooting for you.
    p.s. you should combine the mom jeans with the Kat look. If anyone could pull it off….you could.
    p.p.s. if you need groupies there, you know who to recruit. I’ll make sure to laugh the loudest at your jokes.
    p.p.p.s. if you need you personal photographer there, you know who to call.

  12. So awesome!!! And girl you have a beautiful smile. I won’t say what I think about Brooke’s teeth because my mama brought me up right. I will tune mark my calendar for next week.

  13. WHOO-HOOO!!!!

    I feel famous. I am, after all, your adopted sister. Lest you forget. (You can mention me if you want; I won’t mind. I’ll even lend you my mom jeans.)

  14. We’ll be watching! Now try and do something like yank on your ear to let us know you are having a grand time! (And especially if you want us to take a good look at your shoes!)

    Tammy and Parker
    @ParkerMama on Twitter

  15. That’s Awesome! I so wish I still lived in Utah so I could see it.

  16. Super exciting Annie! I hope I can view it online or something because we don’t have cable. I am sure you will find something fabulous to wear…who are we kidding, you’ve already got it layed out on your bedroom floor, right? 🙂 Good luck and congratulations! I’m excited that I know a famous person.

  17. I’ll pull out the rabbit ears.

  18. I like how the mom jeans ladies have their eyes covered up. Like that makes it all right.

    So excited for you! I’ll be watching!

  19. Thats so cool! The only thing that sucks is I don’t live in Utah anymore! 🙁 I so would watch you, totally!

  20. So exciting! I am sure you will look fab! Your blog is looking super!


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