for moi?

So you know how I wrote about how unappreciated I feel? How it’s not fair that Prince Charming actually has to work for a living and likes his job? How poor poor me doesn’t get enough recognition? That was on Thursday. On Wednesday my husband ordered me these.

This bouquet is actually called, “It’s All About You,” which I discovered when I looked for it online.  I came home on Thursday night from the CBC Girl’s Night Out Party and my sitter said the florist missed me by about fifteen minutes and was really upset because Jason had insisted that I be there to open the door when she drop them off.

Of course, these were bought and purchased before I wrote my post about my poor unappreciated life, a post that was bound to make my husband feel like a total failure.

He’s not. He’s on his way home today, texted me yesterday to say that he managed to change his flight at the last minute so he’ll be back here with the babies by ten am this morning. He also said he’s bringing me all the cash I need to fuel my selfish little rendezvous I so glibly planned for Monday.

Let me tell you, sometimes we should really just shut up out here, you know? By now I should know that he’s always going to come through with just what I need, when I really need it. We have been married nearly eleven years and he hasn’t failed me yet. (Kind of like how I totally freaked out the night BEFORE he proposed to me because I was sick and tired of waiting to plan a wedding and my roommate went and got engaged in a week while I was still sitting on my hands because it wasn’t official? The next day I got a ring. Of course.)

Today I’m happy.


  1. Yay! I’m so glad you kissed and made up. He did good.

  2. Annie, it’s okay to be spoiled. It is not, however, okay to be a spoiled brat. Stop acting like a spoiled brat or SO HELP ME!! I will have to come out there and kick your pregnant rear end in to gear. You KNOW you’ve got a good one, so when you whine — honestly, I just roll my eyes because I know you love your life AND your husband who treats you like a queen.

    Oh, and by the way, you pamper yourself FAR too much — get to work you whiner!

  3. I am really glad that all happened!

  4. Good for you. I love happy endings.

  5. Jason’s a doll-what else can be said? Hope you have a great weekend together.

  6. Sounds like your husband needs to be on one of those perfect man keychains — the gingerbread man who’s tan and you can bite his head off, etc.

    Yay for flowers! And husbands home with kids! And cash! And pedis!

  7. Yay for flowers! So pretty! and yay for husbands who always manage to come through. I love when that happens.

  8. I can’t help but be nervous about which envelope these came out of. I mean what would brother Ramsey say?

  9. Sounds fab. I honestly think the men should get lessons in priesthood on how to treat their wives. My husband has no clue about flowers, treats etc, and after all these years I still hope for them.