Bon Bons are so stupid

Any woman who claims to enjoy sitting around eating bon bon’s is a big fat liar (cause we know those babies aren’t low cal).

I’ve got to tell you, this inability to move around and nest is maternal torture. I sit on my couch and see a hundred projects that can and should be done before I birth this child, then sip on my diet coke and shake with the over abundance of stifled energy. I’m not tired, I’m irritated. I get up and try to do something, but it seems like I can’t get any further than wiping off the counters before the pain lands me right back on my rather overcushioned tail bone.

And that’s another thing. Yes, I have completely lost the weight battle with this pregnancy. It’s not that I’m a pig, it’s that I burn absolutely no calories during the day, but still manage to need five (seven) meals. At this point it looks like I’ll be birthing a 42 pound fetus.

Jason flies home in exactly two weeks, and I’m determined to wait for him. Besides, I just found out my doctor will be out of town until my delivery date as well, go figure. I got a blessing from Jason before he left that told me this child would come at the perfect time. Since we know the Lord has a sense of humor, I’m really hoping the “perfect time” doesn’t include me and an EMT, plus three screaming, emotionally scarred children.

Okay, must get out of this chair and go save a few calories and some serious pain by reclining in my new La-Z-Boy recliner (a story that I would love to tell, but which my husband just might refuse to come home over, should I make it public).


  1. I keep thinking you’ve had like 3 babies by now.

  2. Hang in there, it’s so close! Been thinking of ya, hope you are enjoying the shorts 🙂 Love ya! I have to email you, look for it.

  3. Just remember one of my all time, favorite quotes, “The Bible often says, It came to pass. It never says, It came to stay”.
    Hang in there! You don’t have much longer to go. The weight can come off later and you will make it through this. Just keep hanging onto the thought of “the perfect time”.

  4. Um…Patty Ann, all four of my pains-in-the-south-forty came – and stayed, and stayed and stayed. First one is 23, with no signs of passage. Sigh.

    So, Miz Annie, get a couple of 2 pound hand weights, and lay back in your La-Z-Boy, and do presses until your arms fall off or you drop one on your head and knock yourself out. Either way, you’ll spend a little bit of time not feeling quite so pent up and aggravated.

    Two weeks is no time. No time at all.

  5. and p.s. I never want to hear another sassy word against bon-bons again. I don’t care how grumpy you’re feeling. Some innocents just don’t deserve that kind of hostility.

  6. Are you home from Washington? I’m sure if I go back and get caught up on your blog, I’d get the answer. I may or may not do that. So are you? I want to see you! I’ve been missing you!

    • annie valentine says:

      I’m home but totally bed ridden. Looks like I won’t be stepping out for the next few weeks, but I miss you girls terribly!

  7. Bless your heart! I TOTALLY get the nesting torture feeling, too. It STINKS. Hoping all goes well for baby to come at YOUR vision of “the perfect time.” Love you & thinking about you lots!!!