And this is why I didn’t bring my scale

Last night I had six pieces of corn bread. I went to bed, vowing to never, ever allow that baked yellow mash to enter my system and thwart my way of life again. Then I got up at six this morning and ran downstairs to snarf up the rest of it.

I’ve decided to get over it. It’s just cornbread (and peanut butter cups and cheap pizza and homemade clam chowder), no need to beat anybody up over it (except my mother, who really needs to stop with phenomenal cooking).

We’re here for three more days and I have every intention of drinking lots of water and eating things like turkey and lettuce and wheat germ. If I wait until January first, I’m going to be in big trouble. The five pounds I managed to lose after Thanksgiving has already made it’s way home, no need throw open the barn doors and welcome the rest of it home.

Must run, it looks like Mother Dearest just pulled out the breakfast casserole.


  1. Corn bread is the absolute best!! Did you have some for breakfast in warm milk??
    I got in BIG trouble for taking my scale when we trekked home to AL last summer. It’s a part of me…what can I say. There was room in that last bag. You are a better woman for leaving it. And have Jason hide it for a week once you get home. Glad you’re having a great time and your mom is pampering you!!

  2. I totally laughed.

  3. I just have to clarify that I am laughing WITH you, I swear. Because I am the same way. Except for the scale. I don’t even own one.

  4. Calories don’t count during the holidays!

  5. I am not even stepping on my scale until after Jan. 1st. I figure if I gain ten pounds, I will loose it in January. But I wanted to enjoy my famiy and be around them and cooking and eating is always a part of family holidays for us. I am so laughing with you on this one. I know that you will lose it as soon as you go back home and get back into your routine.

  6. And that is why I am so glad I don’t ever have to stay for long extended periods of time at my mom’s (or your mom’s) house. I stopped by to get my kids today, just around lunchtime. I was so proud of the nice salad I put together for myself. Before I even had taken one bite of it I had eaten 2 cookies and some jello salad.


  7. That is what January 1st if for! You might as well live it up until then and start fresh in 2011!

  8. It is hopeless to even THINK we could stay away from all of that good food this time of year…especailly mama’s cooking eh.
    Pounds, schmounds…………
    after the holidays, when we are all depressed and longing for warm weather, we can torture ourselves further by NOT eating anything….except wheat germ and tofu.
    That’s what makes January so dang wonderful.

  9. I’m going to the store to buy a corn bread mix. I’ll be sending you the bill. And the calories.