The Ovaltine Tag Line of the Year Award goes to…

You girls are funny. Here are a few of my favorite tags from the Ovaltine post.

Emily, who is one of my favorite blogger friends and always good for a crock pot idea, gave me, ““You think this is bad…wait until you see the ginormous root beer, bucket of popcorn and theater-sized box of Junior Mints I have stashed in my back pocket!”

Heading over to the East Coast, one of my favorite real life “let’s grab lunch” bloggers is InkMom. She’s funny and sharp and really hit it with, “It’s never too young to start drowning your sorrows in chocolate.”

Tonya, who has one of the very best blog book reviews for kids and a T that I’d know anywhere, says, “Happiness is a whole can of Ovaltine. Quiet? Quiet is a sure sign of trouble.” That so completely signifies my daughter, I almost can’t stand it.

Then there’s Boy Mom, appropriately named since she’s got seven (count ’em) male offspring. Somehow I think she’s seen this before. Hers were all funny, but my favorite was, “Ovaltine, now in a convenient travel pack.”

First Runner Up goes to Miss Mel, a fantastic mommy blogger who knows just how to put it out there (scroll down a few posts to see the one about her daughter and fear, it’s sooo good) made me laugh out loud with, “Ovaltine…so you can drink like Grandpa and look like him too.”

But this is one occasion where there was a very clear winner. Karen, you rock. And honestly, if you’re looking for a really good read, hit her blog. I kind of couldn’t stop reading it, she’s that type of writer. And the winner is:

“Hello ladies. Look at your kid. Now back to me. Now back at your kid. Now back to me! Sadly, she isn’t me. But if she stopped eating Hershey’s syrup and switched to Ovaltine, she could look like me. Ovaltine: the kid your kid could look like.”



  1. Karen’s comment definitely take the cake, or in this case, the Ovaltine. Very clever!

  2. I love it! I was hoping you would pick that one!!

  3. Thats hilarious–love it!

  4. awesome!

  5. I didn’t win? Sonuva —

  6. Love it!! I gotta admit that hers was simply the best!

  7. Oh, that is so hilarious. I LOVE the old spice commercials. And the BYU spoof that the advertising school did. Go look it up on youtube if you haven’t seen it. It’s funny too.

  8. Wow, thanks! I’m glad you liked my caption. Your blog is hilarious, I’ve been lurking for awhile 🙂 Thanks for linking to my blog too, I’d love new readers!

  9. Annie! I’m first runner-up! I’m so excited to kind of win something sort of. Thanks for the compliment too. I hope we can meet someday.

  10. That one had me cracking up for sure! The winner hands down (or is it hand’s down or hands’ down?). Love it!

  11. Yes, that really was the clear cut winner. Dangit! Way to go Karen!

  12. Okay, I haven’t been here to see comments, just have been reading you on my reader… but I feel that I totally missed out–and that feeling sucks… but these made me laugh so hard!!! Perfect one liners.

  13. Done lurking…..coming out of the closet to say CUTE CHOCOLATELY SMILE!!!

    I can see this smeared all over church clothes or something.

    Loved your story on wearing your dress backwards.

  14. Well chosen, my friend. Well chosen, indeed.

  15. I have never purchased or had Ovaltine. I think I wouldn’t look as cute with it smeared all over my face.


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