mommy revenge

So when we were at Disneyland, we had the chance to grab a photo op with Chip and Dale. As we turned to leave, Rex shouted out, “By Chicken! By Dale!” Get it? They thought it was hilarious.

Last week I was wiping June after a #2 and praising her for her toilet talent. “Sweetheart, I love that you poo poo on the potty,” I said.

She smiled, “And my poo poo loves you, Mommy.”

Lastly, I try to keep stashes of candy around this place for good behavior rewards. I also keep sugar-free candy for myself so I don’t catch low carb insanity. But no matter how hard I try to hide it, someone always finds it.

That someone is three and female and has a radar for chocolate like nothing you’ve ever seen.

So you will understand why, as I was cleaning behind the recliner yesterday, I happened upon something that made my entire week. It was a large chicken bouillon cube, unwrapped, with a big bite taken out of it.

I just might have cackled like the wicked witch of the west. That’s what you get for getting into my candy, my pretty.


  1. Oh, that’s great. I think I’ll offer some of those to (one year old) Spencer. He goes crazy for chocolate (like, almost literally goes crazy, whining for more even when his mouth is full of it). Maybe he’ll change his mind if he thinks that might be what I’m eating. 🙂

  2. When I read that last paragraph, I literally spit on my computer I laughed so hard!! Oh, if only someone somewhere had snapped a picture of the moment she bit into that cube!! Priceless 🙂