The List

While we’re on the subject of really cool people, I’d like to introduce you to Melanie Jacobson from Read and Write Stuff. Melanie is brilliant and beautiful and talented, and is soon to achieve world wide fame and subsequent fortune. She just published her first book, The List.


The List by Melanie Jacobson


Being the truth seeking journalist that I am, I decided to interview Melanie so I could trick her into revealing the secrets behind her literary genius. I asked some tough questions (hey,not everyone is comfortable talking about karaoke), and she totally fell for it.

Little does she know that I am now working on my own first novel, titled “The Outline,” about a really smart and funny girl who is determined to taste some of life’s quirky and crazy adventures before falling for Mr. Right. It’s coming along brilliantly.

Here’s what Melanie had to say:

2. Did you have a list of Random Things, and if so, what were three things on your list?
I have lists for everything. My favorite list to mull is the Places We’ll Go list. In my Top 5 for next: London, Costa Rica (or anywhere with beaches AND indigenous monkeys), Africa, Scandanavia, and Jerusalem. Strangely, I only just discovered that Jerusalem was on the list when I made it just now. That happens sometimes.

Hey, Costa Rica, Scandanavia and Jerusalem (Jason hasn’t been) are all on our list as well! I am so much like you.
3. Are you proficient at surfing?
Nope. Never tried it. I can barely swim. But I’m surrounded by surfers and I’ve spent a lot of time on the sand watching them. You know, because my life is hard like that.

4. Have you ever been a server/waiter, and if so, where?
Again, no. My best friend and roommate earned her way through college waiting tables and I channeled her for a little reality in the book. In high school, I was the hostess at a fancy Chinese restaurant in town. People often remarked that I didn’t look Chinese. Um . . .

5. Have you ever done a triathalon, and did you die?
I have not ever, and will never, do a triathlon. I’m a terrible swimmer, I hate running, and biking makes my knee hurt. However, if you ever want to watch me get into a fight with invisible people that’s set to music with a clear 8 count choreography, I will absolutely destroy my shadow boxing opponents. I have been schooled in the Turbo Fire dojo and also at the feet of imaginary-fighting great, Master Billy Blanks. That’s as athletic as I get.

6. What’s your opinion on internet dating?
I met my husband that way. BIG thumbs up. Just know, it’s really a giant singles dance. Same assortment of choices but in greater numbers. Use common sense. You’ll be fine.

7. How do you feel about sushi?
Hate it. With every fiber of my being. I also hate all fish and seafood, although I could suffer through halibut if forced to in order to save the life of my child, or something. I know, you’re super impressed I managed to pull that off in the book, right? Thank the Internet for Wikipedia or I’d have to change Ashley’s list completely. It would be far more boring if I had only my own experiences to mine from.

8. If you had to sing karaoke in front of 1000 people, what song would you choose?
First, I would check to see whether death was an option first. If not, and I still had to choose, I’d do something by Bon Jovi. Yeah, yeah, it’s not cool. But I’d have fun belting the heck out of it. No, that’s not true. I’d hate every minute of it. But I’d hate it less than if I were singing something else. I think I’d pick “Living on a Prayer,” because some of those lyrics are practically just talking. Oh, and the one time I did have to do karaoke, I picked the song, “Tequila,” made famous by the Peewee Herman dance. Think about it. I think it was a stroke of genius.

And there you have it. If you want to write a brilliant novel, don’t look to your own experiences because you’ll do way better if you include hot surfer dudes and sushi. Melanie, you totally rock.




  1. All these fun reviews of Melanie and her book all over the internet and I still haven’t read it yet! I’m sure I’ll be at Deseret Book soon adding it to my collection:)

    I don’t like sushi, karaoke and I know nothing of surfing either. Does that mean I can write a great novel, too?!

  2. With all the bloggy jabber over this one I just had to read it… and even Old Married Ladies like me can enjoy it – although I am happy to know that Melanie is a non-athlete Sushi hater like myself… phew!

  3. I really should learn how to read. That books sounds fab.

    BTW… new blog design???? I FREAKING LOVE IT.

  4. I am so excited because I just won the book!! YIPPEE! Its just perfect because I’ve been wanting to read it SO BADLY, but money’s always tight. Just perfect! Loved your interview, you definitely got down to the nitty gritty!