Pull out the rug, why don’t you

We are 72 hours from go and already I feel compeltely cut off from everyone I know and love. Cause that’s what happens when someone takes away your cell phone. Bye bye world.

Don’t get me wrong, I have been hanging onto the most detestable, ghetto cellular device on the planet. The back is gone and the battery is held in with double stick tape, the glass is cracked, and half the time I can’t hear anything when I answer it.

But that darn phone is loaded with people I love, losing it means losing my life lines.

It was supposed to last until Tuesday. On Tuesday the thing can flip open and die for all I care, but not until then. We’ve made it this long, can’t it charge through just three more days?

Apparently fate has decided to give me a little taste of what being cut off from everyone I know and love feels like. Yesterday the phone fell on the pavement once, cracked in half, I made a desperate attempt to retrieve it, but alas it jumped from my hands and plunged head first to the pavement, cracking into irreparable pieces.

And here I sit. My laptop is dead. My phone is dead. It feels like I’m being kicked out of my world three days early.

Fine, if that’s the way fate’s going to treat me I might as well go and move to Germany after all.

72 hours. I’m feeling slightly dizzy…


  1. when it rains it pours, eh? many many hugs!
    missing you already! and sad for you & your phone’s parting.
    wanna get your mind off of it monday?
    as if you don’t have enough on your plate, but grab your closest gals
    and spend 2-3 hrs together giggling at the movies.
    amazing the calming power it is for chicks to share flicks.
    doesn’t have to be a chick-flick either.
    SERIO, tonight (last minute) i texted my younger sister so we could catch the
    1025pm showing of Green Lantern. was fab and JUST what i needed
    to feel refreshed and ready to tackle a million more life projects.
    see if your mr. wonderful can spare you for a few, and get that last hoorah in.
    lub u.

  2. I’m pretty sure this is a sign that you aren’t supposed to leave. Yay! I’m so glad you’re staying!

  3. You can come feel dizzy over here, you know. Or do you? I don’t entertain, but I love having people around.

  4. Crazy. 72 hours. Yes, it will wing your world upside down. But, hey, once you are on your way all of these butterflies will turn into excitement. It’s all of this waiting crap that’s killin ya. It’s like anticipating labor for your first time. The scariest thing in the world, but once your in it and your going it just flies by and at the end you have this beautiful baby.

    That’s you and Germany. Too much anticipation and waiting. You’ll feel much better once your on your way. Guaranteed.

  5. sweet! i’m not the only one with a phone that doesn’t work! mine is taped as well, ready to super glue it, but i don’t have super glue, and it’s not important enough for me too go out and buy super glue for it! my sound doesn’t work thanks to my 10 months old slobber stuck in it…and i can barely text because the buttons aren’t working either! here’s to new phones?!

  6. Oh, Annie – that is horrible. I’m not even going to lie and pretend it’s okay. That’s a disconnect you can’t fake your way through. (Feeling worse? Sorry.)
    But… when you have your lappy back, you’ll have an email from me. (Feeling better yet?)

  7. I wish what Kristina said was true. Get in touch with us as soon as you get your feet planted in Germany. (I hear they have good Black Forrest Cake??)…….what do I know.
    be safe

  8. With all our technology, can’t they make an indestructible phone?

    And, you’ll make it. That complete loss of contact is a weird feeling. That’s how I felt heading on my mission. Strange thing was, most those people were still around when I got back. You know I will be:)