Sneak peak at my man, also my baby girl is four!

Okay, there might be moments when I want to spit in his eye, but this morning before he left for work wasn’t one of them.

I took this picture super sneaky like and am posting it with the hope that he will fail to check my blog this week. Frankly, he lives in fear that I’m going to write about him and avoids this place like the plague so I’m feeling pretty safe. And yes, it’s probably stupid of me to post this picture because someone could do something to us. I don’t know what that something might be so I’ve decided to take my chances.

He can’t help being hot and I can’t help documenting it.

Also I posted it super small to throw off the terrorists.

In other monumental news, June turned four yesterday. She has been at least 79% (okay, maybe 72%) wonderful lately and I’m loving my darling daughter. She’s so much like me sometimes it’s frightening.

The girl is an absolute fashionista. I’ll be honest, I have to edit her outfits on a daily basis but even so, I’m amazed at her style sense. Sometimes she hits it right on the head. Here’s one she put together on the cruise that was so cute I had to catch a picture.

Fashion is important to June. I have no idea where she gets it. When she was first starting to have an opinion about what she wore (three years ago) I kept a tight grip on the key to her closet. Heaven forbid she show up at a function in something less than totally put together, it was bad enough that her hair was constantly escaping and her face was routinely sticky.

But one day my girlfriend Tricia carefully stepped in and gave me a little advice. She’s got three girls and somewhere along the way decided that they needed to have a little wardrobe agency.

Take her middle daughter for example. When Molly was June’s age her outfits were extremely interesting. They had accessories and layers and enough color to please both Barnum and Bailey.

But instead of cutting her out of the dressing process, Tricia simply edited her. Yes you can wear that polka dot skirt. No you cannot wear the plaid tights with Cinderella slippers under it.

The thing is, four years later Molly not only has fantastic style sense but she’s got her own fantastic style sense. It wasn’t something her mother imposed on her. The kid has a quiet confidence that I absolutely love. She knows who she is.

I want my daughters to grow up trusting their judgement and the only way to make that happen is to let them have a say in how they present themselves to the world. Yes, it’s only clothing, and sure, I’m probably fostering vanity, but I’m also encouraging June to make good, modest choices in her dress. She’s only four but already she understands the difference between modest and appropriate and immodest and trashy.

Okay, mostly she understands the trashy bit but there are definitely days when I wonder.

So happy birthday my darling girl. Even if you do like to wear enough barrettes in your hair to rival a Russian gymnast, I still love your style and can’t wait to see who you shape up to be someday.

As long as you do it from the clearance racks, I’m game.


  1. I love that Junebug is just as cute, stylish, and sassy as her mama.

  2. Love those shoulder holsters!

  3. That letting go of control has allowed my 10 year old daughter to wear the same pair of jeans for 2 weeks straight…. not that I can talk, since I only owned one awful looking pair when I saw you this summer. How did you not saying anything about it? Seriously, they were so bad my husband threw them away! For those of us without a fashion sense, we need friends like you to steer us straight! It worked out pretty good for me when you helped me with that after my mission. Oh, I need my fashionable friend, Annie… or June, either one.
    P.S. I liked how you snuck that pic in. My husband’s the same one, and his career could not possible be affected by it…

  4. I love the bit about June. Super cute outfit she came up with. So my friends all think I am OCD because this year I took pictures of all the outfits I bought my kids for school. Yes, laid the outfits out on their beds with shoes, pants, socks, accessories and anything else I wanted them to include when wearing the outfit. Took pictures of each outfit. Printed the pictures. Put the pictures in little photo albums that each kid looks in each morning and copies the exact outfit.

    I believe it is genius. They get to choose. Anything in the book is acceptable. I am happy because they dress themselves and still look amazing. Even Brody. Consults it every day. Someday I won’t be there to pick out stuff for them and I want them to learn how to look decent. This idea works. But yes, it is OCD!

  5. Hi Annie, I logged-on my computer this morning and your page was up on my screen. I immediately thought…I’m in So. California and Oh my gosh! Annie’s going to think I’m stalking her family. So, I’m forced (lazy) to write you a little note and tell you it’s just me, loving to read about your little fam.

    Just to let you know…I honestly don’t know how women have more than four because when my fifth came, I completely lost it. My house was crazy for a lot of years. I even left my newborn asleep on my bed when I forgot to pick-up one of my children at school. I only got two blocks away from my house and one of my little ones said, “Mom-omm?” ” The car-seat doesn’t have baby in it.” all casual-like, and yes, it was my son. I slammed-on my brakes and did an illegal u-turn right on a state highway. BTW I didn’t know it was illegal because there wasn’t double yellow lines, but my mom was a cop, and she told me.

    I ended-up with another pregnancy near my 40th birthday when we thought there was no chance of ever having children. My fireman husband fought in a hazardous structure fire that left all the young firemen sterile. No one else had kids but Heavenly Father had one more for us.

    I promise! I took the test three times. One of those test that tell you if it’s the same, you aren’t pregnant and if it’s blue, you are. The last test–and we were hiding from our older children at the fire station. Well, the stick was just about navy-blue. I had 6 children…. all boys, except 5 of them. My baby daughter was married at the Manti Temple last year. Oh, Annie love this treasured time. I so miss my babies. Hugs to you, adventurous lady!

  6. That picture of June is darling! Look at her, rockin’ the scarf and the boots! SO her mother’s child. We were in NC in September, visiting our blogging pals Emily and Jenny. While at Emily’s house, Jenny noticed that Brett had a strange ankle brace poking out of the bottom of his pants. It wasn’t until he crossed his legs that she realized it was his gun. Emily said, “I can’t believe he was PACKING, right there in my living room!”

    Hee hee!

  7. totally adorable outfit! happy junie-day, june dear! and yes, you have a very handsome hubby. smart thinking on posting that photo small. 🙂 you’re such a thinker.

    p.s. i have a Christmas card set aside here for ya, just need an official address by which to send it. ::hugs::