My Blahg

Okay, so there’s no doubt yesterday was full of pressure in my little blogging world. First, I had to come up with a decent post for this new space, just in case people worried that the new landscape meant boring/bad/lame writing. I was determined that all these shifts in my mental and world wide workings would not hamper my blogging ability. 

Because if you really want to know, this new blog is freaking me out. I hate it. I mean, where are all my comfortable side bar thingy’s? The counter? The comment plea? This thing is so white and sterile, I feel like I need a recommend just to visit. And I spent too much time unsuccessfully trying to figure out how to put stuff on the side. The only thing I could make work were the links. 

But the real kicker? I got a NASTY COMMENT yesterday. Thank goodness I can’t seem to figure out how to turn the moderator off, because I was able to preview this bitter pill before it posted. 

To be fair, we know that I tend to overdramatize, well, everything, and so maybe it wasn’t necessarily nasty, but it wasn’t nice. Nice comments are words that make you feel fuzzy and warm, like “Now you have a friend in the diamond business” comments. But this? This?

I don’t know who it was, but would you like to know what they said? The horrible, awful, slimy choice of words that made me squint just in case I was missing something cute and friendly like? 

This anonymous person said…

blah blah blah

Let me just tell you, if any of you in my family have had concerns about my complete lack of humility, don’t. For all I know, this person was sent from above to hand me a swift kick in my over-confident rear (something I struggle with) so that I wouldn’t get too far ahead of myself. 

I hope, for their sake, they read this and know that I am sufficiently notched down. Thank you. You angel you. I wish you blah blah blah blah….


  1. No way! Blah blah blah!!?! Have you spoken with the authorities yet? That is SO wrong! 🙂

    Uh, please tell us the real words. Please-oh-please! You work for a paper now, so you need to realize that sensationalism sells!!

    And may you never receive a mean comment again! Good luck ironing out the wordpress quirks. I have a friend who swears by it. Loves it. Her name is Sarah and she’s at Hope is Power . Her blog is fairly minimalist as well, but she used to use blogger and prefers wordpress by far. I’m sure she’d talk it up for you if you want validation on your switch over. She may even have advice.

  2. Annie, that it what I like and admire about you . . . your confidence . . . . let it never wain.

    I’m still wondering why you switched? What does wordpress have that you didn’t have before . . . just curious and let us know if you like it better (after you get to know it)

  3. I feel so unworthy venturing over here to wordpress.
    Wordpress is like the cool kids table in the lunchroom.

  4. I too want to know #1 why you care about rude people, you have so many who adore you. #2 what is better about wordpress. . . let us know, once you find out what it is!!

  5. I HATE anonymous comments…the NERVE! I got one once and it felt like I was in high school and I found out girls were talking behind my back. I say forget it! They weren’t even brave enough to leave their name. It was probably some biotchy jealous ugly chic 🙂

  6. You know, the hard part about blogging is that the more you post, the more comfortable you get with voicing your opinions and sharing personal information…and the more you share, the more vulnerable you become to the world and all it’s opinions, whether nasty or nice. And with some people, you never really now how far you can take sarcasm without hurting feelings.

    Come on, children, can’t we all get along?

    (Insert deep sigh)

    In any case, don’t take anything personally (unless you feel you deserved it, in which case apologize as meekly as you can and move on) and keep on bloggin’!

  7. Ha ha – you quoted a Tom Shane Diamond commercial. I HATED those things in high school. I would listen to X96 a lot back then and that slogan would crawl right under my skin about 567 times a day – because that’s how much they played it. Then I moved and I totally forgot about it….until now. Thanks!!

  8. Yeah, this theme and the look leave a little to be desired but don’t despair, I’ve got plans for you baby. Come Monday night this crib’s gonna be pimped out! Oh and you might want to bring your camera or any photos you might want on here on some kind of thumbdrive, memorycard, whatevs.

  9. Okay this is my first time over here to your NEW Website, but not your new BLOG…anyhow…I love it…you are hilarious!

    But I’ll try to remember to not say blah, blah, blah when I comment…

    Oh crap…

    I already did…

    but vow never to do it again! 🙂

  10. Personally I thought your last post was rather fascinating. But I’m only a highly intelligent and incredibly well read woman. What do I know? Oi.

    Send them my way. Apparently I need notching down too. =P

    It took me awhile but I think I’m getting the hang of WordPress. It’s not near as easy to use as Blogger, but once you get the hang of it it makes sense – I promise!

  11. It sounds like blah blah blah needs to relax, look in the mirror and tell themselves that they are hot, go eat some salami and check back later. 🙂

  12. Do not let them get you down. I am sure you will put them in their place. I so love reading your blog. have a great weekend.

  13. At least you know your blah-blah-er wasn’t me. I’d just call and tell you.

    And did you notice someone has once again used the term “pimping out” in relation to your blog? The first time around just got even more hilarious.

    On that note, any chance you’d like me to write your bio?? I’ve already proved I can do a bang-up job:P

  14. You rock don’t forget it. oh and karma is on your side on this one. What goes around comes around, they’ll be sitting in their own little world of blah and be smacked upside the head by something really mean, like yadda yadda yadda. or even better a rolled up newspaper, the Vidette.
    So don’t you worry, they’ll get theirs. Doesn’t it make you feel better just thinking about it?

  15. I just read your article in the Vidette! (well, technically I read it when you first posted it on your blog) but it was a fun read! Very cool. I’m excited to see what next week’s Vidette has in store.

  16. And I haven’t even figured out how to get links on my blogspot. And mine looks only a half a step above the black and white. But when someone writes as well as you, they don’t need all the other fru-fru anyway! Right? (Write!)

  17. Yay another wordpress user!!! yay! I feel so alone most of the time.

    okay I hate changing my template up for the same reasons. I’m actually going to update with one soon and I don’t want to because I know I’ll feel the same way you do.

    As for the blah person I’m sorry. it sucks to get comments like that.

  18. And!!! I’m loving these new Quilted graphics!!!

  19. Wassup with this new site? Let me tell you. If those crazies want your home address, credit card number and SSN, they’re gonna get it. But hey, if it makes you feel safer….
    So – yeah, I hate your new blog layout –except for the picture. T & I both thought it was very … progressive and artistic. Please enlighten us to the change – besides avoiding the crazies.