Number One and Number Two

We have liftoff.

For those of you who don’t really know Rex, he’s not really the most enthusiastic pre-potty trained three-year-old. He’s been known to reply, “I HATE CANDY!” and “No candy, NO CANDY!” when it’s coupled with toilet talk of any kind. I’ve tried potty training him more times than I care to admit. I’ve gotten to the point where the very though of Rex and toilets gives me the kind of anxiety attack that lands my own self on the toilet. But I’m so sick of changing his disgusting diapers. I have two children in size four diapers. That is so wrong.

But today he turned over a new turd. I mean leaf. Did I just say turd? Maybe that’s because my little dumpling actually dropped one of them in his very own toilet all by himself. No adult supervision, no “Need to poo poo yet? I’ve got candy!”, no “Want to sit on your potty chair for a while? I’ve got candy!”, no “Want Mommy to give you an enema? I’ve got candy!” He was flying solo, alone upstairs, while I pretended to know how to play soccer with Harrison in the back yard. I finally started to worry about the two unsupervised kidlets inside so we called it quits and went indoors. What did Harrison find upstairs? Little brother had done the big one AND the big two on his potty all by himself.

Last time I unsuccessfully potty-trained Rex I learned something important. If I make any kind of a big deal about his toilet successes, he will not repeat them. So this time, despite the fact that I was practically wetting my own pants with surprised delight and celebration, I bit my tongue, gave him a gruff, “Good job, son” and handed the kid his blasted candy.

So yay Rexy. Mommy is quietly proud of you. I will not squeal with delight, call Grandma Diane, or even mention your new found skill in front of you. BUT ON MY BLOG I AM FREAKING OUT! YAAAAYY REXY! GO REXY! EVERYBODY SAY “WA_HOO” FOR REXY!

I’ll let you know how tomorrow goes.


  1. SevenVillageIdiarts says:

    Oh, good luck, this is an exciting moment, I’ll be hoping the best for you!

  2. This is very exciting. I may be able to claim Rexy as my relative now:)

  3. Alison Wonderland says:


    I’m pea green with envy.

  4. Yeah, Rexy!

    Annie, every time I read about your children I can’t help but ask myself if you named your boys after Rex Harrison . . . you know who I mean . . The “My Fair Lady” Rex Harrison. I’m sure its not that, but it pops into my mind!!

  5. McFarland Family says:

    What a great surprise for you!!! I hop he continues.

  6. Tammara, Jess and Cory says:

    Way to go REX yahoo mom also

  7. Maybe you can start using canned peaches as an incentive?

    Hoping for your sake that this was not a one time thing! 🙂

  8. Marivic_Little GrumpyAngel says:

    Hurray! Exciting progress! I remember when I was in that stage of motherhood, so I’m happy for you 🙂

    I just want to say the way you wrote about this event cracked me up. You are pretty funny. You should write a humor column for a newspaper. You’ll be a hit.

  9. Melissa Bastow says:

    That’s awesome – I have potty training jealousy. My son is almost 4 and there’s still no way we can get him to go near the toilet (not even for candy…or giant Optimus Prime toys.) And if it makes you feel any better, 3 of my 4 children are in diapers. Sizes: 6, 5 and 3 because they also have big butts.

    Congrats on the poop!!

  10. Alison Wonderland says:

    So it occurs to me that Rex may not actually be yours. (Seriously, I don’t see how anyone who has even one of your genes could possibly not want huge praise and attention for even the smallest achievement.)
    Maybe you should find out if Jason was fooling around on you about the time that Rex was conceived.