Today I’m a Professional

That’s right, this is the Big Day where I am finally in print. My first article is The Animal Fair (a sample I sent last week which she wanted to use) so you’re welcome to find the link and read it on my blog. BUT.

Starting next week, I will not post my column on my blog. That’s right, what goes in print, stays in print. Of course, if you’re really that desperate I mean interested in reading my column, you can get a subscription to The Vidette here. If you live in Grays Harbor, you should have one anyway, it’s a great county paper. 

Next week’s article will be titled, “Confessions of a Carbaholic”.

I have to whine just a little more about this new blog. Notice the rather strange photo up top? Yeah, that’s my mouth. That’s what happens when you get a new blog with wordpress and have no idea how to make pictures fit. It cuts a slice out and slaps it up there in an unrecognizable form. I tried to tell myself that maybe it was a little modern and cool that way, but even I didn’t buy that one. Not loving the new blog yet.

In other news, I’ve been thinking lately about something a kid from high school once said to me. I was having a tough day and Ben Dougherty gave me this piece of advice. He said,

“If you really need a good laugh, put on socks and tennis shoes and stand in front of the mirror naked. It’ll get you every time.”

So far I haven’t been that desperate, but I’ll admit there were a few moments this week when I seriously thought about it.

ps – check out this link to see the latest fad in European restaurants. Mother’s Milk. I wonder where I sign up?


  1. I actually do like the header…but if you want to size it then just go into Photo Shop if you have it and readjust the size of your photo…save it…and add it to your header.

    But then I don’t have wordpress…I have blogger…so it might be different!

    lol…and I have never tried the tennis shoes and socks trick…but if I get desperate enough…I’m doing it! lol!

  2. My husband heard of Breast Milk Cheese sold in Switzerland, while on a mission 12 years ago. . . so it’s a weird Euro thing, I guess. I’m sure it’ll be banned soon. . .if the women have hepatitis, there goes the stew!

  3. I thought you did the photo header on purpose. To me it looked like a symbol of you speaking… I like it.

    I’ve heard of the mother’s milk cheese thing. It sounded gross and then unfortunately my mind went, “Wait- why am I grossed out over something made for humans by humans but eating something made by animals for animals doesn’t bother me?” and now I’m also grossed out by cow’s milk and goat’s milk… so yeah…

  4. Hi ya!! I like the photo too…I thought you’d done it on purpose. Good luck with the column!!

  5. Woah, I’m related to a columnist? Sweet! I know its very belated, but congrats, and, heck, I’m subscribing.

  6. so I thought the pic on the top was some form of your eye. to know it is really your mouth makes me feel better. It kind of looked like a freaky eyeball of a vampire, mouth shot is much better. Thank you for straightening that out for me. Good luck with the fame and fortune. Can I get your autograph next time we meet?

  7. You should be careful, the words professional and naked in the same blog could bring you some weird traffic, but then again you also reference breast milk for general consumption, how much weirder is there…

  8. I’m with Natalie, I thought it was just of your mouth on purpose, because it’s like you are talking in this blog. Maybe you should leave it that way, but then you would rob the world of the beauty of the rest of you.
    So glad you are a writer, there is something I actually want to read out there in the world wide web, but I’m even gladderer that you are my friend. Loved talking to you last week.
    Never heard of the mother’s milk thing. Never had any extra to think about expanding my market beyond my own little ones.

  9. Annie, I’ve never known anyone famous. Congrats and good luck on your new journey!

  10. If I was currently nursing, and lived in Germany – I could be rich!!

    Then again, for some reason the whole thing just seems a little off to me…

  11. I laughed just thinking about the mirror situation.

  12. I always put my socks and shoes on first before anything else so I frequently see myself nude from the ankles up. I never laugh though, only stare at my beauty in awe.

  13. I love how you did the photo. It looks very elegant and all. If I hadn’t already been a regular lurker, I would have left in shame because of the so so chic blog-look. Kind of a Audrey Hepburness that I can admire, but never attain. I on the other hand am Mary-Ann, but I do make a mean banana-cream pie!

  14. Okay, so thought the picture was some wacked out picture of a freaky mutant eye. Now I see the mouth and I think it’s cute too!

    And, are you not blogging anymore? Or is it just, what you write for your column will not be put on your blog, yet you still intend to keep up a blog? I am confused. and sad. because I don’t know if I am going to subscribe to the Vidette. Yet I’d hate to lose your blog, which I love to read. Wahh. Tell me the blog is active!

  15. annietintle says:

    Of course I’m still blogging! But, once a week, I get a blogging vacation and will actually get paid for what I would usually post HERE. How could I limit myself to one entry a week? I would die.

  16. annie valentine says:

    Oh yeah, Jason loves the photo (because he’s desperate and lonely for me). Freaky eye people? You’re out. It’s in.

  17. Congrats again and I can’t wait to see you tomorrow (today).