Life Comes At You Fast

Is it over? Have I finished the game?

I’ve decided that in the CK my Heaven will be filled with Children’s Museums, Surf-N-Swim’s, and Cafe Rio. I’d also really like it to include one hot, bruised man (Spy Camp is tough work). The weekend was fantastic.

I kept hoping we’d argue about something so sending him back would be easier on my heart, but no doing. He insisted on changing every diaper (and Junie really put him through his paces–she pooped almost hourly I’m dead serious), he tried to do all the cleaning yesterday (I couldn’t bear to be in a different room from him so we worked together), and smothered our entire little family with love, affection and Starbursts. Seriously, Heaven. 

Back to all the bruises, isn’t it ridiculous that I find his current buff and bruised status totally hot? Am I allowed to write this? It’s not even the bruises exactly, it’s the idea that my man is so manly he can take down and kick any bad guy’s trash if necessary. I actually sit around and think about how cool it would be if someone broke into my house and Jason cleaned their clock in his attempt to protect his fragile little wife and three delicate children. Don’t be surprised to find that someone has “accidentally” left the garage door open next time he’s home. 

And so, it was with  much sadness that we dropped him off at the airport this morning. He was six minutes shy of missing his flight, thanks to my lead-based feet. But don’t worry, I am surrounding myself with good friends and a case of the bussies. Eight more weeks? No sweat (Okay, there will probably be sweat and blood and tears and more diapers than I want to count, but I can do this). No problem (Well, there will certainly be problems and trials and fits and puke, but I can do this).

But hey, we’ll always have Paris. And the Surf-N-Swim.


  1. Soooooo happy for you. What a sweet post!

  2. I almost cried reading this. You’re such a strong Annie, I truly admire you.

  3. You can do it, you are doing it. And 8 more weeks, awesome. Remember how many you started with!

  4. Mary, if I didn’t know you to be perpetually sarcastic that sweet comment would have made my day. I think it did anyway.

  5. Did you have to mention Cafe Rio in your post? Here in Oregon we have to make do with a knock off recipe of the sweet pork and tomatillo ranch dressing!!

  6. I found you, regardless of you trying to be sneaky and anonymous, making your profile unavailable. Muwahahahahaha.

    Now I can stalk you and your cute blonde hairdo.

  7. So, I put commas in my website name, instead of periods. Oops!

  8. Stop being so in love. It’s making me jealous.

    Okay, so… I know I kind of already told you this, but I don’t think I quite got the message accross…. I’m OBSESSED with MSHR. And, will you please just look at her playlist for me? I swear, every song on that list was written for her, words, tune and all. It’s really eerie, and I wonder if she picked them because they fit her blog like a glove.

    And, I was just kidding. Be in love all you want. It’s hot.

    Not that you needed my permission.

  9. As your sister, I’m still trying to get the “fragile wife/delicate children” visual.

    Somehow that just doesn’t fit you and yours… (Although you are really skinny. Just not fragile. At all. More like a lusty wench).

    And lets think positively here – there may NOT be any puke. But the rest of it, probably. But you can handle it, never fear.

  10. I can absolutely see the hot bruises thing.
    Only eight weeks? That’s nothing, at the rate we’re going you’ll see him again before you see me.

    And you’re an Alice? Really?

  11. I love bruises. Especially when they were obtained in the process of doing something for me. Jason is a warrior – not only is he out to protect you & your family, but ALL of us who enjoy the freedoms of the greatest nation on Earth.
    And seriously, who doesn’t love a manly man? Mmmm-mmmm.