Project Twilight

So here’s the deal. Jason has seven more weeks in Georgia. I have seven more weeks of taking care of his (our) children. Seven weeks is a long time. And so, we have decided that in the month of November, I am flying out to Georgia for a kidless visit. That’s right, all his attention focussed on me. Here are a few reasons why I must go:

1. I really need something to look forward to.

2. I really need a break from Jason’s (our) children.

3. I finally weaned her

4. Because I kind of get whatever I want.


Funds are a little tight, so I’ve been sloughing around the bottom of my barrel in search of some quick cash. Since I see myself as a successful entrepreneur in a stay-at-home dormant state, I always have one or two business ideas floating around under the bleach. Here’s what I’ve come up with. Hold onto your hats (but feel free to take off your shirts).

I have designed a pile of Stupid Twilight T-Shirts. Stupid, but really more like witty and funny and cute and charming and everything-a-girl-could-want-in-a-t-shirt stupid. My friend’s hubby owns a t-shirt company and has agreed to take us on and help with the cause. All proceeds from the Stupid Twilight T-Shirt project will go toward getting me to Georgia so I can have a thrilling vacation with my man. Four nights, people, FOUR NIGHTS. If we get enough practice in, maybe we can get one more cute kid by the end of next year.

There are three ways you can help me.

1. Buy multiple t-shirts for yourself, friends, family, babysitters–then wear them to the premiere. Also telling every high schooler you know about them will help. Tell EVERY SINGLE ONE.

2. Put a BIG FAT LINK on your sidebar for Project Twilight and write a heartbreaking post about how much I love my husband and how sorry you feel for me (even though my life really does rock and you shouldn’t feel that sorry). Then ask all your friends, family members and babysitters to buy the stupid t-shirts.

3. PRAY THAT THE T-SHIRTS SELL. And fast. Fasting is good. 

Have I told you how much I love him? Have I told you that I would walk across the country with a handcart even if it meant I could only go on one piddly little date to Wendy’s followed by a lame-o two-star movie with him? Would you like me to break into “Hopelessly Devoted” right now (since it’s the only song I sing in the shower these days)?


Buttons are coming soon, and I know you’ll all want a Stupid Twilight T-Shirt Button for your blog. Just to dress it up right.

Now go click the link already. Go on, get outta here.


  1. I adore you. I may just have to buy a Stupid Twilight shirt. Will people throw Edward dolls at me if I wear these in public?


  2. YAY! I’ve been thinking about your buttons allllll day! I’ve got a handful of them ready (approximately 6-7) I will email you this evening after I get home from work!

  3. Super idea!

  4. Lucky girl! You hit the jackpot, darlin’. I can’t believe somebody didn’t come up with these already. I bet that you’ll get enough dough to go FORTY DAYS AND FORTY NIGHTS! Think how many cute kids you can get in that much time!!! So we better get out there and buy shirts so you can pay for the triplets!

  5. You are hilarious. Get that button ready and I’ll not only put it in my sidebar but I’ll blog about it too.

    Not a Twilight fan, but I know a couple dozen people who are. Will spread the word for ya.

  6. Annie I love them all and I did plug for you.. because I think you are fabulous and I want you to enjoy a night of fantasy and fun!!

  7. I mean four nights of exquisite exquisitness!

  8. You could do a couple spa parties to raise money for your trip. I know you always have people lined up at your door wanting you to do a party for them.

  9. Scandalous. Absolutely scandalous. I’m so anti-Twilight that I’m willing to just send you some cash or buy some Sensaria to help you get there so I don’t have to support this craziness known as Twilight.

    Honestly Annie, I’m disappointed. I thought you could be more — how do I put this, creative. I’ve seen you be more creative to get the make-up that you wanted so badly!! Oh yeah, good times. Only you would continue to sing “Hopelessly Devoted” while designing t-shirts. I feel a bad music video coming on….

  10. I’m only slightly offended that the Jacob shirts were before the Edward shirts. Cute ideas, and cute shirts! You should make one the says something cute along the line of Edward wins! Anyway- I will plug so you can see your bald man! I totally understand- there is something about those bald sexy heads!

  11. I am not a huge fan of twilight, but I will let people know about them. P.S. You were pretty clever with your ideas.

  12. Oooh, great idea. So funny. You should get TAMN to plug that one for you. My daughter is going to laugh so hard when she sees it. Okay. Here’s the deal. I’m going to plug it as a prize in my Spook-a-Rama contest tomorrow, and then I’ll DONATE to your cause since you’re giving a t-shirt away for free.

    Can you have a button done by midnight?

    P.S. I’m thinking you and Jen totally missed your award on my blog yesterday. Girlzzzz, keep up! Stop dwelling on your twilight t-shirts and take some time to stop and smell the roses.

    Scroll down to Friends, Fans and Family. It’s near the bottom so you can skip over all the cute, clever stuff.

    Oh, and I got a blog MAKE-OVER! Must come see!

  13. I’m going to have to buy one of those for my Contest…those are awesome!!! lol! My favorite is the first one! 🙂 I will promote…pop up a button! 🙂

  14. I am pretty sure that my paying for your weekend tryst technically makes me a “john”…
    plus I’m pretty sure it’s not legal in my state 🙂

  15. K, Annie, my post goes at at midnight my time. If you have a button by then send me a shout out to I can pick it up off your blog. If not, I’ll rig my own and then swap it when you’re ready.

  16. I’m gonna need a button but I did send your email on.

  17. just wanted to let you know that I blogged about you tshirt business on my site- can’t remember if I told you but hope it helps!

  18. I want to help, really, but I hate Twilight with a passion. I was mislead by the title of your t-shirts to think that they were anti-twilight but then I found out they weren’t and I was upset.:(. Nah, just pretty disappointed.
    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE MAKE SOME ANTI-TWILIGHT T-SHIRTS!! I would so try and buy if you did.
    Here’s a possible phrase to put on the front (seriously):
    Anti-twilighters have more braincells.
    Anti-Twilight Community (on the front)
    Join us, we have braincells (on the back)

    Please. You would be making a little girl happy. (me). I’d love you:D.


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