Sue who?

Holy crap it was Sue.

CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP. Seriously. Sue is the coolest person EVER.

My friend, you had me at “Hi My Name is Cordy“. I like your regular blog and all, but Cordy? Now that was some addictive reading. Why? Because no one is that interesting and funny and heart wrenching in real life. And yet I believed. I WANTED to believe. I had conversation after conversation about Cordy and Seth, argued with my own sister that Cordy was real, and TALKED TO SUE ON THE PHONE about Cordy without knowing she was biting her tongue (because she knows I can’t keep a secret to save my life–this is something we all should remember about me).

And so, if you were somewhat sad/angry/spitting nails when you found out the truth about Sue’s brilliantly deceitful addictive “other” blog, please don’t waste a moment being mad. Personally, I think it’s the coolest thing ever. You should email Cordy and tell Sue how cool she is (to offset the onslaught of hate email she’s been getting). Send your praise to cordyishopeless at gmail dot com.

Hat off to you, my friend, hat off.


  1. Amen and amen. I refreshed my page every couple hours towards the end there, waiting on tenterhooks for the next tidbit. (I don’t know what tenterhooks are, but I was on them for sure.)

    Totally. Screamed. When I found out the ending. Not at all mad – just grateful for a great read.

    And I already sent her a thank-you. ;o)

  2. Okay I had NO idea about this site…just read for like 2 hours every post…she is BRILLIANT…really! I put that on her blog also…even before I read it…

    Is it sad if I want CORDY to still be a real person?

  3. Yikes-I didn’t know she was really getting hate mail. I’ll send something positive ASAP:) And yeah—I was definitely sucked in and had NO clue it was her.

  4. I never read Cordy so I’m not too flabbergasted. But I can’t believe you’ve actually talked to Sue on the phone!!! You two must be super tight because I thought she HATED talking on the phone, but then again she is a self-proclaimed liar.

  5. Wait, is this the same post as the previous one?

    My comments are gone. Sad.

    Meh. I’m over it. I am a little worried about a friend of mine who has mental health issues and is emotionally fragile. She was really invested in this blog, so I can see why some people are upset, and it’s embarrassing to find out you have been duped.

    I do think it should have been outed as soon as any real emotional emails started coming in, but what’s done is done.

    I would love to see her continue it as what it is. Fiction. Too bad it had to end this way.

  6. Oh, and has she really been getting hate mail?

    I admit I was upset at first, because I immediately thought of my friend, and my heart sank for her, but not enough to go postal!

    Hope you and I are still friends!

  7. I’m still shocked. Not mad..but I have to admit the whole thing takes me back.

    I look at it this way..if I pick up a Fictional book at the library, I can get as involved and swoon over the story -knowing that its all fiction. Same goes for a Non-Fiction. So I feel a little betrayed.

    Having said that…Fabulous writer. I would LOVE to see her publish something. She is very talented.

  8. I love Cordysue – that was the best blog ever. I hope she starts another fake one but with some other awesome name… Petra. Except maybe not have any contact info on it – you know, just in case people get mad for being friendly and supportive to someone who’s actually not real…and all that.

    Oh, and for the record, I kind of enjoyed being duped.

  9. annie valentine says:

    Kristina, I would love you even if you egged Sue’s house. Do you need her address, by the way?

  10. Sure, email away! Is it OK to TP too? 😉

  11. I never read the romance, but for some reason it’s been bugging me that she duped everyone. Maybe because I don’t know her.

    Mary, FUNNY comment! You go, girl. Except she just barely proclaimed that she’s been lying. Now if it was YOU, we wouldn’t be surprised.

    I’m sorry about the hate mail though.

  12. annie valentine says:

    You’re right Mary, Sue hates the phone. That’s how cool I am. She literally RUNS to pick it up when she screens my calls.

  13. I was completely unaware of this blog. People kept telling me to read it, but I just never got around to it… so eh. No big deal… to me anyway!

    I am just stuck on the whole “I talked to Sue on the phone” thing… What the wuh wuh??
    How? When? HOW??
    I want in… I mean I am her slave and everything, and she never calls me… wahhhhhh.

  14. I just went on and on in my comment on Sue’s blog about how impressed I am that she duped us all. Seriously impressive.

  15. Amen. My feelings exactly. I’m just grateful for the great read!

  16. I feel like crap if it makes anyone feel better. The people who are mad aren’t talking about it on my blog, they’re emailing me and writing blog posts about how much I suck. I guess I asked for it.

    CTD – sorry you felt duped.
    Kristina – sorry abut your friend.
    MB – I will totally give you my phone number.

    Not sure what else to say.

  17. This whole Cordy thing is nothing, whatever.
    What I still can’t believe is that you talk to Sue on the phone! Are you sure you weren’t just pretend talking to her like I do everyday at noon?
    Wait, maybe you ARE Sue, or Sue is You. It’s all coming together now, are you TAMN as well? And the Perez?

  18. Oh and those gas secrets on Kristina’s blog were NOT mine!!! I think they were yours, he who smelt it dealt it!

  19. annie valentine says:

    Um, hello? I do not pass gas. Girls in my family don’t do that kind of stuff. We don’t sweat either, we glisten.

  20. I reacted just the way you did. Sue is a GENIUS!

  21. Annie’s right about the passing gas thing – I know I never have.

    Ditto all the pro-Sue comments. Totally a mess I could have gotten myself into, so there’s no way I’m going to criticize! And I loved Cordy. I just couldn’t figure out why she’d choose that name…

  22. To heck with Sue, I blame YOU, Annie!

    Yeah. I was mad. But then I was proud (of Sue, go her). Then I was mad again. And now I am just superhopelessly confused.

  23. Hayley – Cordy = Cordelia – it’s an Anne of Green Gables thing. The heroine was always named Cordy.

    Thanks guys.

  24. Doh, I mean Cordelia. The heroine was always named Cordelia.

  25. I wasn’t ever into the Cordy thing, sorry I just couldn’t get behind it but now that I know it was Sue I feel bad for making semi-rude comments about it. But I LOVE that it was Sue. So how’s that for conflicted?

    Oh, and Annie, you talk to Sue on the phone, you’re officially my hero.

  26. annie valentine says:

    People, you don’t understand. Sue only talks to me on the phone when I either a. make an appointment or b. continuously call and leave long rambling messages on her answering machine until she picks up.

    She has no choice, believe me.

  27. I so wanted Cordy to be real. Mostly because, hey, we’ve all been there-in love or total secret crush on someone we absolutely cannot or will not tell. So here was a girl, totally living the dream and then it all becomes a super happy fairy tale ending and ahhhhh, who can’t get sucked into that?

    That stuff is what the best romance novels are built on, but to get caught up in this romance and then think it was true—that’s the clincher, So it brought us all down to reality a little to learn it wasn’t. After I got over that disappointment (quickly), I still completely appreciate it for what it is. YOU ROCK SUE!!

  28. Heather Tintle says:

    I was begining to think it was fake right about when “seth” was in love with her too….it just seemed weird that stuff she blogged about (like the kiss at the hospital) was fresh on his mind too…..

  29. Just wandering around the bloggy world to say that Sue is wonderful and people should just be nice. Fiction is fun.

    (Though I must laugh about praying for things to work out for Cordy and also praying that things lighten up in Sue’s world. That’s irony, my friends.)

  30. I didn’t ever get into her ‘other’ blog because it didn’t seem quite real to me, so I didn’t get duped. But I don’t quite understand the fury. Sue should be a writer and make some money. Did she put ads on that blog? I didn’t notice.

  31. Did Sue do a wrap up and then delete it? Because I never read about Seth being in love with Cordy. And I saw no happy ending or hour long make out session…what am I missing??? I am pathetic that I even care about this! I honestly never even read romance unless it’s Jane Austen or L.M. Montgomery or something. I guess I am that desperate for a good escape. And Sue, if you read this, it was a GREAT escape!!!

  32. annie valentine says:

    Jodi, you missed the kissing? Hartbrake.