You’re cordially invited to my blog birthday party!

Today I am thirty. Here are a few things I’ve learned thus far on this wild ride of life.

I’ve learned that some relationships take time. If you would have told seven-year-old Annie that she’d grow up and be best friends with her horrible big sister Jenny, she never would have believed you. But thirty years into this relationship, it rocks. Time is magical, it can prove anything.

I’ve learned that some things never change. I still love to dance, wear makeup and get ready for church on Sundays. I still like old movies, Hostess chocolate pies, red cream sodas and gas station burritos. I can still blow $50 dollars on fair food without feeling guilty, and I still sing at the top of my lungs on the ferris wheel. At 30, Sleeping Beauty is still my favorite Disney princess and I really want her hair. 

I’ve learned the power that comes from saying “I’m sorry,” and the equally powerful words, “I forgive you.” I know how important “I love you’s” are, and cherish every moment with my parents. I see the value in small town living, and treasure every second we spend in Elma. 

I know the power of prayer and pray about everything. I’m convinced there’s an army of fantastic shopping angels assigned to me personally, and know that despite the multitude of humans that have been, are and will be here on Earth, I count. I believe in Christ. The atonement is real. I might not be the most scholarly, well-read christian, but I know this life is just a training ground for an eternity of great things to come. 

And so, on the threshold of my best decade to date, I declare that the next ten years of my life are going to rock. I’m up to big things and am not afraid of rejection. Somewhere, the right person is going to say yes. 

This is my blog birthday party. Today you’re cordially invited to leave me a comment. I’m alone here, my man is gone, and really, you’re all I’ve got. So come out of Lurkville and drop me a line. I’d love to know what you think about turning 30, whichever side of it you’re on. 

Here’s wishing me a good one.


  1. Happy Birthday Annie! I’m definately on the other side of 30! Heck, on the other side of 40! Life just keeps getting better and better, well . . . . if you compartmentalize . . . . . my kids teenage years are definately the most challenging!

    I can’t believe I’m the first to comment . . . .

  2. Best Wishes! and One Hundred Years!! (translation of two ways you wish someone a happy birthday in Polish)

    Great idea for a birthday post! You’ve learned a lot and the more you know, the better your life becomes, so of course the next decade will be your best yet!! Hope you are doing something fun today!

  3. Happy Birthday Annie,

    You sound like you’re in a good place at thirty. I had a major major mid-life crisis at thirty. It was the toughest birthday I ever had. It sounded so much older than 29. You sound like I did at forty. But you’re right about, this next decade will be awesome! AND you’re right, Sleeping Beauty is the best princess.

    Lovely post.

  4. Happy Birthday Regarding!
    I’m only 24 so…. 30 seems pretty old. But I’ve heard great things about it so I’m not nervous.

  5. 30 years old!!! I think that is old!! Just kidding, well not really. Happy Birthday! I hope that you have a great day. Sorry I have not posted for awhile, but I have not been able to figure out how the wordpress comments work.

  6. Happy happy birthday from all of us to you. We wish you happy birthday and…….something something…DO! YAY!

    That was from one of my fave Disney movies, Emporer’s New Groove. But there are no princesses in that one. And I’m totally not taking Izma’s hair.

    Happy Birthday!

  7. Happy Blog Birthday Party!

    I’m giving you a bog facial and a blog shopping spree! Then I’m taking you too a blog lunch!!! Hope you liked them! This is what I wanted on my birthday!

    (Really happy birthday! I forgot I was Jason’s age, not your age. I’m a Hostess Chocodile girl myself. Mmmmm. Chocolate covered twinkies)

  8. Happy Birthday!
    When I was 30 I was nine months pregnant with Grace. Wow, she is almost 7…

    30 is not bad and it sounds like you know what to do with the next 10 so go for it and good luck 🙂

    (I’ll let you know how 40 is in about 3 years, yikes!)

  9. As my father so lovingly told me when I turned 30, “Happy beginning of your 4th decade!”
    Thirty & flirty! Now the fun begins! You’re not a young 20 who has little experience & lots of insecurities. Thirty is the decade of CONFIDENCE, CREATIVE-ness, & KEEPING on the PATH. You are much wiser now – use it, learn from the wisdom of those who are more experienced, & tweak those things in your life that need to be tweaked to make them what they CAN & SHOULD be. (that’s advice more for myself, so thanks for letting me post it, so I can read it again later!)
    Happy 30 Annie… & many more, on channel 4! & don’t forget to shut the door! & Scooby Doo on channel 2! We sure love yooo-uuu! (from my friend, the Kindergarten teacher)
    xoxox Ang

  10. Annie,

    I just love your blog, it is my morning breath of fresh air. Your last blog about the Dr. visit, made me laugh so hard, too funny.

    Happy Birthday Girl, I loved turning 30, I felt like I had finally reached the age I was always suppose to be. I am only 32 now, but I have loved the last two years, I may be singing another tune at 40, so I am enjoying this decade! Celebrate big, or as big as you can with three kids and no husband at home. Watch Sleeping Beauty and eat all the hostess cupcakes your little heart desires!!

  11. I remembered your birthday, even before you posted this!! Do you remember that trip to the Olive Garden? So many of us young, sassy coeds!! I hope you have a great day!! Order take out or something for dinner. I’ll be joining the 30-club next month, I’m pretty excited about it. Happy Birthday!!! You sexy momma!

  12. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I love the way you put it in words. Turning thirty is great and such and experience to have. I am happy for you it sounds like you have a great foundation.

  13. Great take on life and Happy Birthday!

  14. I never leave comments because I talk to you 5 times a day and you’ll get sick of me but today I’ll comment.
    Happy Birthday friend!

    We’re going to have sooo much fun on our girls night out!

  15. Happy B Day! I love reading your blog and I have you as one of my favs on my blog. My hubby was gone on my birthday this year so you’re not alone. Make yourself a cake or buy yourself something pretty!

  16. Happy birthday. It only gets better starting at 30 in my opinion! I just turned 34 and each year has gotten better over all. Enjoy! And thanks for letting me lurk and enjoy your stories. The dr. story was GREAT! Something I would have done!

  17. Found you on Mormon Mommy! Happy Birthday!! I hope you have a great day! One of my favorite birthdays was when I decided to do exactly whatever I wanted to do. It was a blast!!

  18. Happy Birthday Annie!! I wish I could be there to help you celebrate…I would hate to be alone on my 30th. I loved my 20’s, totally awesome, but I never thought growing older would bother me. So when 30 was coming I thought, not a big deal, 30 is so not old…but then the day came and on that day I admit I was kind of sad…now when people ask how old I am, I have to say 30…so far my 30’s (not that I’m that far into them) are not what I had always planned out in my head, but I’m trying to be hopeful they’ll get better. You have such a good outlook on life…your 30’s are going to rock because you rock! Have an awesome most fabulous day!!!

  19. Happy Happy Birthday! Hopefully by the time I’m 30 I can still be as optimistic and happy as you always are. Maybe I’ll be wise enough to see the fun things in life everyday that you do.
    30 is sounding pretty good to me at the moment. It’s my goal to be done having kids at 30, we’re shooting for 29 at the moment (I’m only 22, I’m gonna get them out quick!). As I type, I am currently nursing one child while the other one is screaming about cars and driving them erratically on the windowsill. Although I love my days of sweatpants, no bras, not getting breakfast til 11, and still looking like I’m pregnant, I long for the day when I turn 30 and I am all done. Maybe I’ll even have my body back by then.
    Hope you have a wonderful day! Love Love Love your blog. It keeps me laughing.

  20. Blog Stalker says:

    I’d be remiss if I didn’t tell you all the BAD things about turning 30…since all the previous comments have been nice.
    1. 1/3 of your life is over
    2. Grey hairs…and a lot of them
    3. Those pre approved offers from AARP
    4. You are no longer young…at least not by most teenagers standards
    Anyway…Happy Birthday 🙂

  21. I always wanted the entire blogosphere to think of me as “Annie’s horrible sister” and my wish has finally come true.

    You’d think it was my birthday from all the special treatment.

    Yes, I like you now, so happy birthday to you:)

  22. You are a baby 🙂 but a very wise and introspective baby. Happy Birthday! I wish I was as wise as you and learned as much as you already did when I turned 30. I love reading your blog. Very refreshing and inspiring at the same time.

  23. cami rinn says:

    Annie- Happy 30th Birthday!! Ilove you to pieces and think the world of you! Hope you had a great day today, even though Jason’s not here to help celebrate! Love ya!

  24. Happy Birthday! I turn 31 in Dec. Scary. Ron says sex is better in your 30’s, so there’s something in the plus column! (Just wait for Jason to come back!)

  25. Happy Birthday! I found you on Mormon Mommy Blogs and had to come back after your post about the Dr. visit. It’s Totally something I would have done!

    30’s are so much better than 20’s. Enjoy them!

  26. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNIE! I hope you had a great day. 3o’s are wonderful years, but it’s true, they just keep getting better! Love you!

  27. HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY ANNIE!!!!!
    My 30th is when I bought my Mountain Bike and began my many adventures that I like to blog about. I wanted a truck but that wasn’t quite feasable, so the bike was good enough. I am so glad I got to grow up with you and that I could have a “younger sister.” Us youngest folk always need to stick together right? We Love You and hope your day is great.

  28. I’m right there with you and the horrible older sister, I love mine now too.
    Happy 30th, I’d give you some sage advice but I’m 29 again this year so I just can’t help you there.
    I missed you today, when are you coming to play again?

  29. Happy Birthday, Annie. It’s Robb’s grandma’s 94th birthday today, so you’re in good company. I have a brother in law who always writes on birthday cards what is double your age. So, in the spirit of Tom, “You’re halfway to 60!” That’s not so bad, is it? Heck, it’s better than Robb’s grandma who’s halfway to 188! ;0)

  30. I have looked foward to thirty ever since I was about eighteen.My mom told me that thirty was when she felt her best, and to a newly married girl that everyone thought was about 14 or 15 and didn’t take seriously I was all over that. Happy birthday !!! Oh and by the way where do you get red cream soda I’ve only gotten it in Canada can you get down here I love that stuff.

  31. Happy Birthday!!! I am scared of turning 28 and that means 30 is going to get even closer! But like you I’m going to stop being scared of trying different things and make the most out of everything.

  32. ACK – I’m late! Happy Birthday Annie. You’re totally young, shut up.

  33. I just hit 30 two months ago – it’s fabulous so far.

    Sorry I’m late with the wishes but hope it was an amazing, memory-making day for you.

  34. You are a 30 year old in a 20 year old body, and boy…..I am a lucky man. Happy birthday sweetheart.

  35. Happy happy birthday:) hope you had a good one!

  36. You are 30 and Hot!!!…is what I got on Sept. 6th, 2008!! So…I’ll pass is on to you; Annie, you are 3o and Hot!! I know this message is among 34 and counting other messages, but I hope you get it. I hope you know that you have inspired me, uplifted me, made me laugh so hard that I shed tears of joy, understanding, pure funnyness, etc etc., and most importantly made me feel less alone in this world of Motherhood. I appreciate your honest/humorous approach to telling it like it is. Many many thanks. I’ve talked and talked about you to so so so many people. And we’ve only met once. Yet I feel like I really know you. Hmmm, I promise…I can be funny too, I just may not be as good at typing it out as you are. I hope you reunite with your hubby sooner than you realize. That is my birthday wish for you!! Hope you blew out ALL THIRTY candles at once. 😉

    Love, Rachel Grimmer (the 30 year old girl you hardly know)

  37. You are so cute, 30 isn’t old, I’m 34 so don’t stress me out!! I saw a commenter on your blog “The Alaska Girl” and I stalked her. .she met her hubby in my little hometown in Alaska. .very cool. OK, ciao. . . I must quit blogging and go to bed! It’s 3:30am in Italy! I must be nuts!

  38. Well hello there!! I discovered your site through C Jane Enjoy It… which I discovered through another site… anyway….

    I was happily reading through your postings, and couldn’t help but respond. Happy Birthday!! I am closing in on 40, and I have to say that is just keeps getting better.

    Keep on writing and I’ll keep checking back 🙂


  39. Actually, 30 is pretty old. LOVE YOU!

  40. Happy Birthday Annie!
    I remember clearly they day you stood up and introduced yourself in R.S. You were so happy to be in Moscow, and your attitude was so refreshing. My first thought was, “I want to be friends with her.” When R.S. ended, meeting you was my first priority. I think you’re great. Glad to be your friend!
    (Can I get an invite to your private blog?)

  41. Happy LATE Birthday!!! Hope you had a blast!

  42. Happy birthday! Now a challenge, for each and every birthday hereafter you should do something you have never done before, eat a new food, jump higher than you have ever jumped, drive a back-hoe, whatever. Keep us posted.