Amy C. is the BIGGEST LOSER I’ve ever seen

The biggest loser almost convinced me to OD on salami and sugar free candies tonight, I was so upset with the results. 

Did any of you see Nasty Vicki and her nasty nasty nastiness? I missed the first half of the show and still saw enough to send me to my feet, howling and pacing around the television like some kind of crazed wolf as they read the results.

In case you haven’t heard, Amy C. actually voted the nice girl off and chose to keep the horrible fat heifer (technically, she’s a cow) who verbally and emotionally abused her all week. 

How do mean people get so powerful? This woman is insanely horrible, probably the biggest villain to ever grace the reels of Reality TV. All Amy had to do was vote her out and the game was hers, in the bag. But because she wants people to like her, because she can’t live with the knowledge that a truly awful, spiteful person spites her, she sent home someone nice and deserving in order to win back her spot with the idiot Blue Team.

Please, if you’re passive, take a lesson from this girl (who will very likely be heading home next week when her very own “team” votes her off). The only opinion that matter’s is Jesus’ opinion, you don’t have to prove yourself to anyone else.

I think the crowds up in Heaven probably wanted her to vote off Vicky as well. I highly doubt Vicky will ever meet any of them though, so no biggie if she hasn’t got many fans up there. 

I don’t think I can watch this show anymore. If that horrible Vicky girl wins the Grand Jello cash prize at the end, I think I’ll stop watching NBC for good (with the exception of The Office). I definitely won’t be able to touch a dish of Jello ever again.


  1. I definitely should be watching this show. I love watching nasty girls duke it out on TV.

  2. First off–kind of loving the image of you pacing like a crazed wolf:)
    Second–yeah, I had such high hopes for Amy C. after last week, and then she had to go and ruin it! I just really don’t need another week of seeing Vicki’s sour-puss expression. But-I don’t think I could ever stop watching the show. There’ve been SO many awesome people before, that I’m hoping Vicki and her crazed horribleness are just a fluke.
    Ooh-and the silver lining in all this; Colleen got to see her boyfriend!! Her boyfriend who is cute and skinny and he loved her when she wasn’t! I was secretly hoping she’d go home and he’d propose… but at least we got to see them together. Right?

  3. OK, put aside your reality TV drama for a minute to indulge me in my personal fat girl drama.

    I am a LITTLE overweight. Like 10-20 lbs. I’m not sure, because I don’t really want to admit what my healthy weight should be. But my point is. . .

    I asked your tee shirt guy what sizes his S, M, L and XL represented. He told me corresponding numbers and I ordered one L an one XL to be safe. I think those must be child’s sizes because they don’t fit me or my 11 year old daughter. I am depressed. I could have my petite 6 and 8 year old daughters wear, “I would have picked Jacob” and “Team Jacob” but that would be creepy.

    Well, now I have the perfect weight loss incentive. . . I HAVE to get into my Twilight Tees before the NEW MOON movie comes out.

  4. The only opinion that matters is Jesus’s?

    In context, hilarious.

  5. Did you hear Vicki say, “If I get sent home today, it will be ALL Amy’s fault” ?
    Really Vicki, it’s not your fault at all for falling bellow the yellow line? She’s always saying how great she is and how she works harder than anyone else.
    Who does she think she is? Me?

  6. oh my GOSH! I really really do not like Vicki!!! I was so mad at Amy C. SERIOUSLY!!! ahhhh!

    okay and didn’t you guys love how colleens boyfriend kept picking colleen up… so cute!

  7. I’m wondering now if I fall into the “heifer” category.
    Can’t stand Vicky the Villain. She is evil incarnate. Now Amy on the otherhand outdid herself with her boo-hoo’ing at the end. “I love you sooooo much” give me a friggin’ break. All I can say is what comes around goes around. ARGH! If that Heba chica wins I might lose my mind. Why can’t anyone see that she is the DEVILLLL?

  8. annie valentine says:

    T – Heifer is a title reserved for truly terrible single women. In Vicki’s case, even though she’s married, she’s such a horrible person that I had to use this title as the only thing fitting that isn’t a swear word.

  9. I love Coleen. I don’t love Vicky. I wish that Amy C. would have voted for her. I was so proud of her last week when she didn’t vote the same as the blue team.

    Too bad she couldn’t have done it this week especially with how Vicki was abusing her.


  10. I was so upset with Amy’s vote last night. I think they coerced her into it and that makes me so mad. I so wanted Vicki to go home. I am so sad that Coleen went home and we have to deal with Vicky for another week. Funny when I was watching it I so wanted to run to the computer and see if you wrote about it in your blog.

  11. I’m sorry I don’t watch the show, so I can’t share the hatred. She sounds mean…I’ll take your word for it.

  12. AAAARRRGGGHHH to the Biggest Loser and Amy C. What in the crazy heck was that woman thinking? What happened to her guts from last week? How can she keep on horrible Vicky? I wanted Coleen to win it all. So so sad.


    Besides the preview from next week shows Michelle on the scale and Amy C. is just above the yellow line and Renee is below it, so it’s either between Renee and Michelle or Renee and Amy C. The only people left on the ranch that I can even stomach winning are Amy C., Renee, or Michelle.

    Boo on the blue team and boo on Amy C. for letting that noboby Vicky push her around. (By the way Annie, Vicky was Cruelle Deville to Amy the whole first half. Only after Amy C. approached her about getting along did things seem better, Vicky was still downright nasty in her private moments with the camera though).

    Yeah right, Coleen is her bigger threat than Vicky, I about fell off my couch when Amy said that and then revealed she voted off Coleen! Bah Humbug.

  13. annie valentine says:

    I hope Amy C. gets the boot, she doesn’t deserve to win it now.

  14. I CANNOT believe she did that. I just watched in on Tivo last night. Though I am constantly stunned at the stupidity of the self-imposed doormat contestants on all reality shows. Dumb, dumb, dumb. She might as well have handed Vicky the check, and gracelessly backed out the door.

  15. i watch the grand biggest loser finally last night ….. i am half way happy with the results i am ever so gratefull that michelle won…. even more gratefull that vivky losttttttttttt yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy…. but i wish another contestant had beat out hebba , i would hae even prefered ed to win hebbas money HE truky deserves it not his wife… any ia m sill celebrating michelles victory